Fun Travel Destinations for Chocolate Lovers

You must have heard about wine tours or adventure travels. But have you ever been on a chocolate trip? Most people love chocolate, but for those people who are health conscious, gluten free chocolate is the perfect choice! However, true chocolate lovers do not hesitate to take a flight to discover new types of chocolate. There are different destinations across the world which allow you to indulge into some great chocolate tasting.

The Chocolate Valley, Italy

Welcome to The Chocolate Valley! It is found in Tuscany, Italy. Even if Tuscany is popular for its vineyards and fine wine, it is also a chocolate destination. The Chocolate Valley actually forms a triangle between Pisa, Florence and Montecatini. Discover its countryside which consists of rolling hills and which is full of amazing gourmet shops, as well as chocolate factories. If you are heading to Florence, don’t miss Vestri where you can taste the finest chocolates in the world.

Wondering what type of chocolate is the best? Go for dark chocolate and the Sicilian orange gelato! If you are visiting the small hamlet of Cascina, discover legendary chocolatiers like Slitti at the spa resort of Monsummano Terme and Amedei. The best time for a visit is the month of February when the Handmade Chocolate Fair takes place in Florence. If you’re looking for a place to stay, why not book a Tuscan villa for rent luxury and enjoy the scenic view while you sip your wine and eat the best chocolates from this Italian region.

Cacao Sampaka, Barcelona, Spain

Head to a fantastic chocolate café called Cacao Sampaka in Barcelona, Spain!  It was co-founded by Albert Adria, a Michelin star chef. Feast your eyes and taste buds with a panoply of chocolate, nuts and “churros”! The café offers traditional truffles and tablets. Different types of chocolate are also combined with various nuts and snacks, such as: fried corn and bitter chocolate, Parma ham flavoured bars, along with any flavours ranging from anchovies to Modena vinegar.

Are you sitting in the back-seating area? Order some churros and dark chocolate raspberry gelato for a heavenly experience! If you are visiting other cities or countries, you can visit branches of Cacao Sampaka in Madrid, Sao Paulo or Tokyo. Alternatively, order the chocolate of your choice at their online shop while enjoying a great holiday.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most famous gourmet capitals in the world! The city houses more than 300 chocolate shops and they can be anything ranging from artisan chocolatiers or independent boutiques to famous chains. They are all popular for their excellence and innovation. Go on guided tours of the city to discover more about chocolate and its history.

Don’t miss the largest chocolate show in the world every second half of the year! It is held together with the World Chocolate Master Championships. You are lucky if your holiday trip coincides with this event. Make the most of it to taste dark chocolate which seems to be the specialty in Paris. Plus, the chocolatiers in the city are renowned for creating original recipes using cocoa beans together with high-quality ingredients.

Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

Are you heading to USA? Don’t miss the chance to go to Hershey, popularly known as the “Chocolatetown in USA”. At Hotel Hershey, get ready for a totally new experience with chocolate treatments at the spa. You are not only offered a massage or facial, but also chocolate fondue wraps, whipped cocoa baths, edible dark chocolate facials and chocolate sugar scrubs. Indulge into a sweet relaxation!

Hershey’s popularity does not limit itself to the spa! The Hershey Company and the H.B. Reese Candy Company are also found in the city. Taste some authentic Hershey chocolate at Hershey’s Chocolate World. Or, walk into one of the many candy and chocolate stores, such as: Grove Brittle Works, The Pantry Café or Sugar Mountain Cakes.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, choose your favourite destination and get ready for a chocolatey adventure!