Furniture Ideas to Make Your Furry Friends Feel More at Home


If you are considering getting a pet, there are many factors that you have to consider. First and most importantly, are you going to have the time to look after your pet? They require lots of love and attention just like a human would. You have to be prepared to give them the nutrition and proper food they need every day. And you need to make sure that your pet is comfortable in your house and has their own space. Here are some furniture ideas to make your furry friends feel more at home:

Cat Trees

For the longest time, cat trees have been a staple in a cat owner’s house. What is so great about a cat tree? These cat trees will often come with several sleeping areas for your cat to relax and lay down after a long day. More often than not they will come equipped with a built-in toy that your cat can kick around. Cats also need something to scratch to keep their claws in check and most of these pieces of furniture will have one specifically made to allow your cat to scratch. This provides a nice dark space for your cat to run to if they ever feel overwhelmed or stressed out.

However, cat trees are most commonly known for being ugly, torn apart, and made of a hideous fabric, this is an eyesore to the guest and the owner alike. While everyone can agree that they are not the best looking, they are important to get for your cat so that they can feel at home. Luckily for you, companies have begun making new cat trees made from real wood to help liven up the décor and image in your house. By ditching the fabric, it can blend into any room and add a nice elegant touch that isn’t embarrassing to be seen. A good cat tree will always be made of tight fabric ensuring that it doesn’t get torn apart and lasts for a long period of time, and it will help your cat feel safer and more comfortable at home.

A Customized Dog Cage

A Customized Dog Cage

Some dogs absolutely love their dog cage and cannot get enough of them. While most cages are just simple bland pieces of metal that can be quite uncomfortable, certain ones can be tailored just for your dog. Why not turn the cage into a mini house for the dog? You can stick all kinds of toys and items that a dog loves, along with a nice soft bed, ensuring that your dog always enjoys being in his cage. Don’t be afraid to replace the metal bars with some wood or other type of durable material to fit the theme of the room. Go the extra mile and customize a cage for your dog, they will definitely appreciate it.

Modular Bookshelves

It is a well-known fact that cats love to climb and will look for new things to jump up. A modular bookshelf is built in a way that allows a cat to easily climb up and down it, allowing it to reach the top of the book shelf and travel around the room. Not only is this piece of furniture great for your pets, but it is also fantastic for you. By choosing a nice elegant wood, you can store books, movies, and DVDs in the slots, giving this item a use for both you and your cat. Get furniture that promotes climbing to appeal to your cat.

Tight-Knit Fabric Couches

If you have a dog or cat that loves to sit with you and walk along your couch as you watch TV a tight-knit fabric couch is a great choice. Both dogs and cats can often scratch up a common couch and rip it into shreds within weeks. This style of couch is designed for pets to be on them and will not rip as claws will not get stuck in them. Pick out a color that works for your room and think of the purchase as an investment as you will not need to buy many other couches in the future.

When you get a pet, your house officially becomes theirs. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to get furniture that will make them comfortable. First, get them a nice area to sleep and hangout in, whether it be a cat tree or a dog cage. Give cats the ability to climb on some furniture and get tight-knit fabrics that won’t tear from dogs or cats. With all these furniture ideas, your pet is sure to love your house.

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