Galaxy rose

If you want to make someone’s day out of the ordinary, galaxy rose is the perfect option for it. It even serves its purpose if you want to make your own self feel special.

When you plan to purchase a gift for someone special, the foremost thing in your mind is that you want something exclusive, that they haven’t seen before, with the additional quality of being timeless, something which can be cherished forever. Since presents have memories attached to them, the recipient feels the warmth whenever they see their present, reminding them of the sweet moments. Be sure that golden roses are one of those few items that don’t cross people’s minds and your gift will be a unique and exceptional one.

Not just giving them away as a gift but you can use them as an ideal home decor, which increases the cosmetic appeal of your living room or dining rooms.

What are galaxy roses?

As the name suggests, the petals and leaves of Galaxy Rose are made of iridescent holographic plastic materials that showcase a rainbow of color. They are normally 10” in height having a long stem that is gold-dipped. These versatile flowers are similar to prisms when they are exposed to sunlight or any other light source.

The look is enormously beautiful, but as real roses fade with time, these golden roses are durable and will last long.

Galaxy roses are beautiful roses that are intricately decorated with petals and leaves and designed in a way to last forever, just like tour love.

How are galaxy roses manufactured?

How to care for the golden roses

The process surrounding the manufacture of these roses is unique. They are taken from a special farm in Africa and a distinctive technique is employed to freeze them which are used to make molds. The frozen molds model is then used to replicate hundreds and thousands of unique galaxy roses that will last eternally.

Then, the golden roses are covered in a shimmering, shining holographic coating to make the roses shine like diamonds in the night sky. In the final stage, the shimmering holographic petals are combined together to make jaw-droopingly gorgeous roses.

Since the whole process is handcrafted, each rose is unique and made to last you a lifetime so your loved ones will continuously be reminded of your love and compassion.

How to care for the golden roses?

There are certain guidelines to keep your golden roses look like new. Following these guidelines will improve their shelf life and you’ll be able to cherish them longer.

– As with all product guidelines, it is advised to keep them away from heat, sunlight, humidity, and high temperature.

– The recommended temperature for golden roses is to keep them in a moderately cold zone ideally under 15 – 25 C.

– The roses should be kept exclusively in their boxes, and removing them from these boxes will lessen their life. To prolong their life, keep them safely tucked in.

– It’s obvious that golden roses aren’t safe for human consumption. Although the solutions and colorants used in the manufacturing process are food grade and textile grade, but it doesn’t make them edible.

– The ingredients involved in the preservation process are hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. They don’t pose a direct threat to the environment and to your health also.

What are the features of galaxy roses?

Though galaxy roses are not natural, they have multiple features that you can benefit from.

A brief list of them is given below

-Golden roses are enchanting. Nothing can replace a real rose but nothing can replace the exquisiteness of a golden rose as well. They are imitated to perfection and their iridescent display and light weight make them an ideal collector’s item.

-Golden roses are hypoallergenic. For people who have pollen allergies but they love flowers especially roses, golden roses are the perfect option for them. They don’t trigger any plant-based allergies as their living cells are removed during the preservation process.

-Golden roses are eco friendly. If you’re an ardent environmentalist and want to do everything in your capacity to preserve the planet and its resources, then golden roses are for you. They are 100% environment friendly. The farms and every step involved in the preservation process are ecological and the product itself is biodegradable. It is ensured that the process doesn’t involve any waste and a healthy environment is maintained.

-Golden roses are 100% recyclable. As mentioned above the golden roses are biodegradable. And they are recyclable as well. Every commodity comes to an end, that’s how nature works; when you’re tired of the product you can dispose it off without a second thought. Be sure that it is easily recyclable and a part of preserving the planet and its resources.

-The golden roses are hand crated by professionals in the field with utmost experience and exquisite precision and techniques.

-Perfect gift for your treasured ones. They can be the best gift for your loved ones on their special days, be it their birthdays, anniversaries, mothers’ or fathers’ days or simply the good old Valentine’s Day. Any occasion can be made auspicious by these ingenious roses which can be the perfect gift.

Do golden roses wither?

Flowers are a timeless gift and nothing can express sentiments perfectly as a flower does. Since feelings don’t wither and fade, flowers shouldn’t too. The golden roses are a timeless classic and will always be cherished by your loved ones as a true expression of your love. They will always bring a smile on their face whenever they see these eternal classics.

Wrap up

Wrap up

Love is a universal language which we all understand and golden roses are the best way to express your love since each golden rose is unique. Love sign is universal.

The Galaxy Rose is normally beautifully packed in a decorative luxury box making gift-giving easy. The decorative box that encompasses the golden rose is equally luxurious and perfectly complements your rose presenting the whole gift-giving process smooth and easy.