Garmin approach s60 best golf GPS reviews 2021


If you are finding the best golf GPS reviews, you are at the right place. Garmin has been a plug in the golf GPS business for a pretty long time. The collection of features The Garmin Approach S60 has is literally, a lot.

Garmin approach S60 Is the new addition of the Garmin brand. If it comes to GPS Golf watches, there are many brands, but Garmin has always been one of the promising brands among all of them like their previous models Garmin approach S10, Garmin approach X10 or Garmin Approach s20.

The price is pretty high, but the numbers of features are promising. This watch has all the features, May any other smart watch has. But the TruSwing feature is something to look forward to. If it works correctly, you don’t have to spend money on buying a separate TruSwing meter.

Let us check out the noteworthy features.

Noticeable Features of Garmin approach s60

  • Sunlight-readable color Touch capable display..
  • More than 40, 000 preloaded courses from around the world included.
  • Swing Tempo Reader.
  • Auto shot Recorder.
  • Preloaded Course.
  • Green View feature with pin positioning, Activity tracking

Garmin Approach s60 Premium Golf Gps Revie

Let us follow every step from setting it up to play in the course, and find out all the features it has.

Connect to your phon

 First, you have to download the Garmin connect app on your phone and make a free account. Then you pair it through Bluetooth and after that, you can control it from your phone. Ten minutes is enough for setting it up.

Design and Interface

As we had set it up already let’s wear it. It is very lightweight, only 1.8 ounces. The strap bands are Changeable. You can change it without any tool, in no time and all by yourself. It has a great look on the wrist too. The 1.2-inch large display gives you a better view to go through the widgets. It’s crystal clear even in direct sunlight. The three buttons on the right let you go through the menu and choose your activity. The touch screen is pretty sensitive which allows you to swipe through the widgets.

On the Course

More than 40,000 golf courses are preloaded in it, which does not take more than 2 to 3 minutes to load on the screen. Garmin s60 has a Clear View and most importantly accurate GPS reading every time. It gives Laser point direction of the front, center and back yardages to green. It is quite simple to adjust the screen by zooming in and zooming out. It has a compass in it also, which gives you direction during a blind shot.

Off the Course

You can keep the record of the clubs you have played, the partners with whom you played, and the numbers of the hole which one we often forget. By using the different format, you can summaries your shots from location to distance, and the best part is swing Tempo which measures your downswing and backswing. You can recreate the ratio you need. 

Battery life

Now, as we had used it let’s check the battery. In GPS mode it can run for 10 hours. Two and a half hour needed for getting it charged fully. It can be used 10days continuously if it is not in GPS mode. 

Aside from Golf Watch

Aside from all of that, it still has all the features which an everyday Smartwatches have. From notification for your phone call, text and mail to the heart rate monitor.  Running, cycling, skiing, and it is waterproof Up to 50m. Pretty much everything you can expect from a smartwatch.


  • Stunning Look with the quick fit band.                 
  • Laser-like Accurate Reading.                               
  • Data Library of 40,000+ courses.                                 
  • Clear and easy Interface with the touchscreen.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.


  • More battery life expected.
  • Expensive.

frequently asked questions

How do, I Pair Garmin approach S60?

First, download Garmin Connect app on your phone. Then you launch the app on your phone and make sure the device is near to your phone (less than 10 meters). After starting the Garmin connect application on your phone, go to Garmin devices and then add a Device for entering pairing mode.  Switch on your Bluetooth and select your phone from the list. Your phone will pair then with Garmin approach S60.

Is Garmin approach S60 waterproof?

The Garmin approach S60 is water resistant to 50 m or 165 ft.  It is not only a Golf watch, but it is also designed to be a perfect companion for most of the situations.

What are the quick fit bands?

Well, sometimes people want to change the look of the watch. With Garmin Approach S60 GPS watch you don’t have to change the whole thing if you’re going to change the look of your watch.  You can adjust the straps which one is compatible with quick fit bands.

 The quick fit bands come in metal, leather silicon, and other various materials period.

Does the Garmin Approach S60 Watch have a Heart Rate Sensor?

 Yes, it does come with Heart Rate Sensor, but you have to get a compatible Accessory for that. All you need is a heart rate strap for that feature. It can easily switch out if you need the heart rate sensor.


But if you are looking for a bit cheaper but works as enough for yourself, then Garmin Approach S20 is the one we want to recommend. Probably one of the Features worthy among all the GPS golf watch we had tested.

Load with features, but not the cheapest in the market. Now the question remains to you. Are you up for spending that amount of money for the features it has? Is it worth to buy a watch because you love golf? But if you are looking for a bit cheaper but works as enough for yourself, then Garmin Approach S20 is the one we want to recommend.  Its great even if your just out for a quick round or even playing a more exotic form like foot golf.

There may be some other brands and models, but if you ask for the best without looking at the price. Garmin Approach s60 is one of the promising GPS Golf watches in the row.

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