Georgia Country Tourism: 5 Amazing Places to Visit in Georgia


Explore the best that Georgia country tourism has to offer. Here are 5 amazing places to visit in Georgia that you can’t miss!

Do you want a vacation where you can see old architecture, explore ancient churches, walk through old settlements, and get a look at rich history and culture? You can experience all of this and more through Georgia Country Tourism.

There is a lot to see and do in Georgia. So much so that you wouldn’t be able to do everything in one vacation. It’s easy to look over things. We’re going to break down the best places to see for you so you don’t miss the best.

Here are five places that you have to visit when you’re going on vacation in Georgia.

1. Tbilisi 

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is full of beautiful and diverse architecture. The best way to take in this gorgeous city is through experience.

Walk the streets or go through Tour Guide Georgia. Whatever you do, make sure that you take a trip through the old town for the colorful renovated buildings and scenery.

You don’t want to finish out your trip without taking a cable car to the Narikala fortress. There is a great overview of the city from here that you have to see.

2. Mtskheta 

If Tbilisi is the city capital then Mtskheta is the religious one. One of Georgia’s best-known saints lived in this city. Saint Nino preached Christianity here and it wasn’t long after that it was adopted as the main religion.

Georgia’s most important churches: Svetitskhoveli, Javari, and Samtavro are located in Mtskheta. If you want to visit these churches you’ll have to dress in the appropriate attire. Men can’t wear shorts or hats and women must wear long skirts and cover their hair with a scarf.

3. Vardzia

Vardzia isn’t so much a town as it is a monastery. A cave monastery in fact. Vardzia was once hidden until an earthquake struck that both revealed and destroyed it.

It looks like something that you would see out of a fantasy novel but it held monks. Not any dragons or other fantastic creatures.

4. Uplistsikhe

Located near Tbilisi is Uplistsikhe. In lack of a better description, it’s a cave town. It isn’t inhabited any longer but it once held thousands of people.

They had everything a town needed a pharmacy, bakery, and a prison. On top of the tunnels, you’ll see a church.

5. Katskhi Pillar 

The Katskhi Pillar is a monolith that stands about 40 meters tall. At one time it was an isolated place of worship for a religious group that liked to be up high. They believed that it put them closer to God.

Nobody knows how they managed to build a church on top of this massive pillar but a monk lives there to this day.

The Best Georgia Country Tourism Has to Offer

Are you looking for a vacation that is rich in history, culture, and religion? Look into Georgia Country Tourism. It’s the perfect way to explore and see all that there is to see.

Are you looking for more places to travel? Check out the travel section of our blog for daily updates on the best places to go.

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