Getting A Divorce? Cost Of Divorce Lawyer In Singapore


A lot of people fear hiring a lawyer in a divorce case because they know the cost of divorce lawyer in Singapore is a lot. It would actually depend on a few factors.

A Contested Divorce & An Uncontested Divorce

The first is whether or not the divorce is contested or uncontested. If it is the former, it means both of you don’t really agree on a lot of things. It is most likely a bad break up and you would not want to see each other again. In this scenario, you would really need a lawyer as this person can represent you if the break up was because of a third party. When the proceedings or settlements happen, you don’t need to be there as your lawyer can take your place. If it is contested, the lawyer will command a pretty hefty hourly amount and that is going to have a huge impact on your future. On the other hand, if it is uncontested then you would have already decided who gets the children and property.

Division Of Assets

Another case would be if you both don’t have children and joint properties as that type of situation are easier to resolve. It means it is just a young marriage or you were not trying to have children at all. It is possible law firms would give you a fixed amount for uncontested divorce cases. You can even choose an hourly rate if you think it won’t last long and you would just need them there for some clarification.  Be sure to consider getting help from service such as this divorce lawyer Barrington or others.

Children and spousal maintenance fees

Other than the lawyer, you will also need to fight for your child’s custody if they are below the age of 21. That is never an easy task as raising your children, there are numerous factors to worry about. Furthermore, there are many other expenses associated with growing up. Although your children may not remember you when they are growing up, it is good to know that you still provided them with the basic necessities until they have reached the legal age to be independent. It would also mean that all those expenses were worth it. It is expected that reputable law firms will charge more compared to those who just passed the board exam. That would be alright because you are going to get something that is worth it and this is something that will have a huge impact in your future. Do you really want to live in the future where you hardly get to see your children? If that is the case, Another thing to worry about would be the maintenance fees. The longer the marriage is, the more expensive it becomes. For short marriages, there is a possibility both sides can just forget that this exists. After all, you know you would want to move on right away. If the marriage lasts several decades, there is a formula, the multiplier effect, that can be pretty complicated to calculate. Of course, the ex-wife would want to get this done so that she can receive the lump sum that is owed to her. On the other hand, the ex-husband would want to forget it.

In conclusion, divorce is a tedious process that should be done professionally by a reputable lawyer in order to avoid future complications.

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