Getting Started with Wedding Planning: Essential Vendor Services to Consider


When it comes down to it, the perfect wedding centers around you, your partner, and the love you share. However, taking your wedding to the next level involves elements like delectable cuisine, enchanting music, exquisite floral arrangements, captivating photographs, and a host of other indispensable wedding essentials. To achieve this, the choice of vendors becomes paramount.

What’s Necessary to Organize a Wedding?

Most weddings call for an average of 14 external vendors to bring your vision to life. The exact number might vary, depending on factors like the scale of your event, logistical considerations, and desired level of luxury. Each vendor plays a pivotal role in making your special day a success, and among the crucial services, we deem these as indispensable!


Ever experienced the state of “hangry”? It’s definitely not a pleasant place to be. Hunger can lead to discomfort and irritability. So, it’s imperative to not just provide ample food, but also offer a diverse range of options catering to the varying dietary preferences of your guests. A solid starting point is to offer an array of hors d’oeuvres, followed by a substantial two-course meal or a well-rounded buffet featuring five different items. Dessert and even late-night snacks can be fantastic additions. Remember, weddings are occasions to indulge, so factor in this aspect while crafting your menu.

It’s essential to ensure your guests are able to savor their favorite foods and drinks. The good news is, the options are vast and diverse. Don’t feel limited to the usual meat, chicken, and fish choices – feel free to inject creativity into your menu selection.

Navigating Wedding Planning

Many couples approach wedding planning with excitement, often reluctant to entrust the task to a planner. Yet, orchestrating a wedding can quickly transform from an exciting venture into a daunting and stress-inducing endeavor, particularly if it’s your first time taking on such a monumental task. That initial enthusiasm can sometimes give way to confusion, fatigue, and even frustration. But don’t worry, that’s completely normal. This is where we step in. Opting for a wedding planner doesn’t mean relinquishing control over your special day. In fact, enlisting the expertise of a skilled planner can actually provide you with greater ease and wisdom throughout the process, ultimately saving you time, money, and stress.

Capturing Moments: Photography & Videography

A wedding stands as one of the most emblematic ceremonies in human culture. It’s a profoundly transformative and beautiful event that often holds immense significance. While we might wish for a fairy tale scripted in the stars, the reality is that we rely on photography and videography to capture these cherished moments. The photographs and videos from your wedding will serve as timeless memories, allowing you to relive that special day for years to come – as if it were just yesterday. And, down the road, you can share these memories with your children. One of the most common regrets stems from neglecting videography or cutting corners with photography. These visual records become the lasting remnants of the celebratory weekend, making it an aspect that should never be underestimated or overlooked.

Enhancing Your Appearance: Hair & Makeup

Your wedding day is a monumental milestone in your life, deserving of a remarkable appearance that makes you both look and feel your absolute best. While a stunning wedding dress or a meticulously tailored suit plays a significant role, the overall look is truly elevated when paired with impeccable hair and makeup. Skilled hairstylists and makeup artists possess the ability to highlight your finest features, ensuring a harmonious and fresh look that perfectly complements your attire. Your wedding attire gains a new level of radiance when your hair and makeup are expertly aligned with your overall vision.

Setting the Stage with Music & Entertainment

Entertainment takes center stage at a wedding – it’s the heartbeat that keeps the celebration pulsating long after the vows have been exchanged and dinner is served. As the night unfolds, the dance floor becomes the canvas for exuberant celebration. Music becomes the catalyst that fuels the joyous atmosphere and allows your guests to revel and unwind. The entertainment options are diverse, ranging from dynamic DJs and live bands to specialty musicians who can add a unique flavor to your festivities. Amidst this variety, it’s important to strike a balance – let your vows remain the cornerstone of the ceremony while indulging in the selfish pleasure of selecting your favorite wedding songs.

A Melodic Experience: Around Town Entertainment

Renowned as one of the finest NYC Wedding Bands by Around Town, Around Town Entertainment has earned its reputation for creating an enchanting ambiance at every event graced by its presence. Infusing high-energy charisma into each occasion, they masterfully blend sophistication with finesse. Their ensemble of elite, accomplished musicians boasts an impressive track record of touring alongside some of today’s top artists. These talented individuals have not only been featured on major records but have also commanded the world’s grandest stages. They understand the paramount significance of curating the perfect event, lavishing each client with personalized attention from the first introduction to the event itself. This entails crafting a tailored musical experience, meticulous attention to detail, and ensuring that every note resonates with the desired effect.

A Final Note on “What Do I Need to Plan a Wedding?”

While a wedding is inherently a ceremonial affair, its flawless execution is paramount, irrespective of its scale. The dream team of wedding vendors plays a pivotal role in orchestrating this perfection, and among these vendors, the five essential services outlined here demand your utmost consideration and budgeting. And, if a sixth element of paramount importance were to be added, it would undoubtedly be the quality of your bar. Cutting corners on libations is rarely a crowd-pleaser – after all, nobody relishes the idea of skimping on the joyous spirits that elevate the celebration.

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