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Introduction to Gino and Gina

One-hit wonders Gino and Gina were a pop music duo who achieved their only hit single “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby” during the late 50s music era, reaching both the Top 20 pop and R&B charts that year. The single was written by Gino Giosasi and Arnie Zwirn. “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby” is a certified classic piece, cherished by oldies music aficionados.

The brief history of Gino and Gina

Gino and Gina were an American pop duo who experienced a very brief commercial success in the late 1950’s. The names “Gino and Gina” were just pseudonyms of the pair; “Gino” was Aristides Michael “Harry” Giosasi while “Gina” was the name of his sister Irene. Some sources though say that “Gino” was really Gino Giosasi, not “Harry.” Although they had a brief musical history, they were best remembered with their 1958 smash hit “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby.”

“(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby”

Recorded and released on Mercury Records in 1958, Gino and Gina issued their debut single “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby” which was co-written by Gino and Artie Zwirn. The song became an instant hit, peaking at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 while it made at #14 on the R&B chart.  During that time, Gino discovered the doo wop group The Impalas for whom he wrote most of their songs, including the gold record hit “I Ran All The Way Home” (1958). Gino and Gina continued to record until 1961 but none of their follow-up releases duplicated the success of “Pretty Baby.” Likewise, Gino’s group The Impalas dissolved later that same year.

Recent ears

Along with his wife Heide, Gino ran their own deli Harry and Heide’s located in Bellmore, New York. At the age of 72, the former pop singer/songwriter and restaurateur died on January 2, 2010 due to cancer. There is not much information about half of the duo, Gina – or Irene, Gino’s sister.

Gino and Gina’s discography (may be partial)

Mercury Records

(Mar 1958)

Gino And Gina

  • A: Pretty Baby
  • B: Love’s A Carousel

Jul 1958

Gino And Gina

  • A: She Belongs To Me
  • B: Rainin’, Rainin

(Oct 1958)

Gino And Gina

  • A: Brand New Penny
  • B: I Don’t Love You

Dec 1958

Gino And Gina

  • A: Kooka-Dong (Chinese Proverb)
  • B: You’re Mine Alone

(Jul 1959)

Gino And Gina

  • A: I Don’t Need A Ring Around Your Finger
  • B: Charlie

(Jun 1961)

Gino And Gina

  • A: Why Do You Make Believe
  • B: I Hope You’re Satisfied
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