Go with the Odds or with your Guts when Playing on a Casino?

Whatever we are doing in our lives requires us to make a decision and gambling, either in a traditional casino or online, is no exception. Sometimes we use our instincts to guide us and this is usually our gut letting us know whether something is safe or clever to participate in or not. But on other occasions and in line with gambling regulations, we need to override what our gut is telling us because there is actual scientific evidence that indicates that a better outcome is heading towards us.  Unfortunately, the scientific proof, also known as the odds, and the gut instincts, do not always coincide with each other which can leave us in a bit of a quandary.  So what should we take into consideration? 

Why Do We Trust Our Gut?

The gut has over 100 million cells within it and has its very own nervous system.  It is able to function completely without the brain and is the only organ in the body able to do so which is actually partly why many people rely on their guts to make big decisions in their lives.  The gut instinct is something that is innate within each and every one of us.  We are born with it and it does not need any sort of honing, refining or fine-tuning in order to be classed as effective.  It kicks in whenever the body is made to feel uncomfortable in any particular situation and this can prevent us from being hurt in any way, be it physical, emotion or even financial, in the case of gambling.  

Relying on Your Gut

Some people do rely on the fact that they think that they will know when they are going to make a “bad decision” because they think that their gut will alert them.  But this is not always the case because once the adrenaline kicks in due to the excitement of the game, the gut reaction is subdued and awareness is dulled.  This enables us to continue on to make some silly decisions which we may not necessarily do in any normal scenario when our adrenaline is not heightened.  This is often the cause of some big gambling mistakes.  So what should be done instead? 

Combine Sciences in Casinos

Combining the two sciences of your gut reaction with scientific proof of different practises that work, any data that has been collected and strategies that you may be able to practise is the best way to keep yourself safe whilst playing games in a casino.  This means that you have covered all bases as to what you can do to protect yourself as much as possible.  For some players, this may just be a case of choosing a slot that has a volatility score that is not as high and therefore not as risky as another slot which will also ease the feeling in your gut.  But for others, they need the excitement of risk to enjoy playing casino games at all and therefore need to push the boundaries of science for casinos to work in their favour.