Guide To Ostomy Bags


An ostomy tends to be a hole that is made by a surgeon. This lets stool, urine, or even both, leave the body via your abdomen. There are different reasons why someone may require an ostomy, but it often happens due to a malfunctioning urinary or also digestive system. When the doctor advises you to get an ostomy, this often is done to help save your life. Ostomy surgeries may sometimes be temporary and it is possible to reverse this. In some cases, they will be permanent solutions.

What actually is an Ostomy Bag?

When you have had an ostomy, you need to get an ostomy bag which will collect the waste which is created by the digestive or urinary system. This will be connected to the stoma allowing it to be directly emptied without increased effort.

An ostomy bag gets worn outside ones body. However, they can easily be hidden beneath clothes. Those who have had an ostomy, should wear a good ostomy bag if you want to stop any leakage occurring from urine, stool, and gas.

When it comes to ostomy bags you can get them in various sizes, shapes, along with functionality features. Their prices are also different. You need to know that ostomy bags are not one size fits all. There are many selections present that it can be tough selecting the correct ostomy bag.

The following aims to help you know how to select an ostomy bag which is perfect for your lifestyle as well as personal needs.

Types of Ostomy Bags

At a basic level, you can find three primary kinds of surgeries which need ostomy bags. The types all depend on the kind of ostomy procedure that is carried out. When you know which bag you require, you can select the right one.


A colostomy can lead to consistently firm, formed stool. The bag will have to be replaced and emptied a few number of times in a day. A temporary colostomy may occur to help one heal after surgery or injury. Some people may have a colostomy which is permanent.


This occurs when the small intestine gets redirected via a stoma, often on the right side of the abdomen. You will therefore have to get rid of output often. This impacts which type of bag to get.


This occurs when the small intestines get redirected to divert your urine from your ureters via the stoma. It occurs when the bladder gets removed or requires getting bypassed for healing.

With a urostomy a stoma is developed which is often found upon the right side of one’s abdomen.

There are many brands selling the product. You can for instance get an ostomy bag at ConvaTec. It is important to look for a good-quality one that will be able to fulfill its purpose. If you are able to select the correct one, it will aid you in remaining comfortable. Different ostomy bags function well for various activities, therefore those who have an active lifestyle may require getting different types of these bags to employ in every setting.

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