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Handmade Leather Goods

OLPR is home to a massive selection of handmade leather goods in the USA. All our products are made with absolute care and precise finish to meet the stylish tastes of our customers within the US and beyond. Notebook and journal covers, phone cases, watch bands, glasses cases, portfolios, wallets, and all kinds of bags: we have such a wide variety of leather goods on offer that you would be spoiled for choice.

Our customers choose us because of OLPR’s unmatched quality, but also because all our leather goods are customizable. If you can’t find what you want in our catalog, you can tell us what you want and watch it come to life. Make special requests to monogram, emboss, or engrave texts on your leather item. Personalized items make you stand out and feel like an extension of your very identity; a wallet, portfolio, or bag that is uniquely yours. They are also a great gift idea, an expression of affection and appreciation for loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues.

The idea for OLPR was founded on one person’s desire for sewing perfection with the straight seam and one wallet exemplifying what that perfection must be like. The result of that is a workshop in North Carolina, producing a wide variety of leather goods, hand-crafted to excellence. From then till now, one of the hallmarks of our leather artisanship is the straight seam; there is never one loose thread. That is a testament to our consistency in delivering

There are the right leather finish and color for every occasion or mood. We use only high-quality and naturally tanned leather to fashion our goods. The aniline finish gives the hide the smoothest surface, leaving no pigment or coating. The full-grain leather skins look the most natural and require only minimal care and maintenance.

Make OLPR your one-stop shop for all your leather needs. Our leather goods are crafted with brilliance and distinct in quality, design, and functionality. Our items, including bespoke requests, are produced within 2 to 3 days. Shipping takes about the same time in the United States. Contact us today for your stylish leather items.

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