Happy Hoops – Top Tips To Boost Your Basketball Skills

Basketball is forever growing in popularity with more young people deciding that it’s the sport they want to get involved in. You’ll need power, agility and speed to master the art, along with a determined appetite and a love of teamwork. Basketball has produced household names such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant who both kicked off their careers at home with basketball hoops and a ball. Here you’ll find top tips to develop your technique, boost your skills and improve your game. So, what’s stopping you from making the first move and starting your basketball adventure? Who knows where it will take you.

Figure Out The Fundamentals

Before tackling the more tricky techniques such as slam dunks and layups, you’ll need to ace the basics. In order to challenge your opponents, you’ll be passing with accuracy, dribbling and handling the ball with ease and shooting on target; these three fundamental skills are the basis of a great game player. Once you’ve mastered them individually you’ll be able to put them together on the court and wow your challengers as well as your teammates and coach. There are drills you can complete at home with just yourself, your ball and your hoop that will help you develop these skills specifically. You’ll be building strong foundations for the more impressive and exciting skills that come next.


You’ve got the basics down to a tee and now you’re ready to move onto bigger and better things. Layups are probably the most well-known skill in basketball and it’s a great place to begin your basketball journey. A strong layup is a tool that should be carried by any established offensive player and is the safest way to bump up the scoreboard. A layup is a shot attempt made by leaping up towards the basket, placing the ball onto the backboard with one hand with the hope that the ball bounces off the backboard and into the net. If you are successful you will score two points for your team. The key to a worthy layup is to get as close to the rim as possible and to avoid any defenders who are usually placed around the basket.  Always be sure to check out Champshoops for great information.


As a defender, this will be one of your biggest responsibilities. It’s your last-ditch attempt at clawing back control and creating another opportunity for your team to score. Rebounding refers to an attempt to gain or regain possession of the ball after a missed field goal. It’s also important for an offensive player to work on this technique so they can get the ball back should a team member miss their shot. A person who has mastered this skill will know that your position on the court is crucial. Never stand directly under the rim, the only way you’ll retrieve the ball from this position is if a basket has been made. Standing approximately 3 feet away from the hoop whilst staying alert and assertive will give you the advantage in this play.

Slam Dunk

The most famous technique has to be a slam dunk. The reason this shot is so famous is that it looks impressive and is really quite hard to achieve. When a player jumps high enough to position the ball above the rim and simply dunks it through the hoop it’s referred to as a slam dunk. When you consider that a basketball ring is 305cm tall you can then realise why it’s such a difficult skill to master. If you want to give it a go then it’s a good idea to initially start by lowering the basket. Once you can dunk at your starting height then gradually increase the distance between the hoop and the floor and see if you can go all the way.

When you consider these top tips to success and put them into practice, there’s no reason why you can’t smash your ceiling and become an even better basketball player. Keep yourself accountable to regular training and exercise so that you can excel quicker.