Healthy Sweet Treats that You Would Want to Try

Having a sweet tooth can be a real struggle for someone looking to stay healthy. All those rich cakes and chocolate doughnuts couldn’t get more tempting than when you’re trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Processed sugar is taken through a process that depletes its very life forces- minerals and essential vitamins while naturally occurring sugar that’s in fruits and some vegetables still has molasses in it.

Your body obviously tends to respond better to the second one which is packed with refreshing minerals. Getting rid of that guilt feeling eating nutella for an hour brings, is not as tough as you may think. Have a look at some delicious yet healthy treats that satisfy those sugar cravings without added inches or guilt:

Adorable and Healing – CBD Gummies

Wildly popular among everyone from kids to millennials, CBD gummies remind us of those cherished childhood gummy memories. Though gummy bears back then were very unhealthy, they’ve transformed to become yummy healing agents. CBD Gummies Manufacturers add organic cannabidiol, a naturally occurring healing compound found in cannabis plant that potentially relieves anxiety issues in organically made gummies. These make up for an amazing sweet snack for anyone looking to not go super unhealthy. It’s chemical free, packed with organic ingredients and delicious to eat.

Homemade Dark Chocolate- Could healthiness get any better?

Rather than grabbing an unhealthy, carb rich chocolate bar from the store, why not make some chocolate on your own? You could buy a creamy dark chocolate bar with almonds or do the next best thing and some yourself.  Bring out your inner chocoholic chef! It’s as easy as pouring some healthy ingredients together, stirring and freezing. Buy a packet of cocoa powder, almonds, nuts, dates or strawberries.

All you have to do is add milk to the cocoa powder and turn it into a thick paste, squeeze some fruit juice in the paste, pour it into a base and add your fruit, nuts or almonds on top. Cocoa contains high amount of iron, which boosts your energy and fastens metabolism, all the while tasting really, really good.

Mango Chunks with Delicious Coconut Yoghurt

This delicious combination can easily replace your cheesecake habit and turn it healthy. Coconut yogurt and mango make up for an unbelievably creamy, satisfying healthy combination. A great healthy and sweet snack choice for vegan people, this is all time go-to snack for many health freaks. Remember, keep frozen mango slices on the side while preparing your yogurt. If you don’t fancy the taste of mango a lot- you can always garnish yoghurt with banana slices or finely shredded coconut. The recipe contains high amount of vitamin A from the mango fruit and is creamy, sweet and healthy altogether!

Apple Caramel Nachos

Apple contains high amount of beneficial fiber and also makes up of a healthy, tasty snack. Give the apple a caramel twist! Slice an apple into round plates and add some caramel sauce on top of it. Not only does this quick recipe replace unhealthy packaged caramel apples, it makes for a wholesome fiber rich snack.

Here’s a fun fact– eating healthy doesn’t have to mean snacking on salads all the time. Rather, any food that adds nutritional value to your body and isn’t too high in carbohydrates can be considered healthy. Try some of the above mentioned snack to satisfy your sweet tooth without going unhealthy.