Here Are Some Reasons Why Paint by The Numbers Should Be Your Next Hobby During Quarantine Lockdown!


The Covid-19 pandemic has left most people stuck at home even months after from when the World Health Organization officially declared it a global pandemic, and countries around the world shut down to safeguard their citizens. Even now, most schools, offices, and other places that attract large crowds remain closed.

People are still very much cooped up in their houses and looking for things to do because truly one of the most challenging things has been keeping yourself busy. Taking up complicated hobbies has been something people have done during the lockdown, but honestly, that might not be a good idea.

We are already in stressful unprecedented times and hence should not be taking on hobbies which end up inducing stress than anything else.

So why should you take up adult Paint by Numbers right now more than ever before? Well, we have quite a few reasons for this! But before we dive into the reasons, let’s talk about what Paint by the Numbers is!

Paint by the Numbers is a painting system with paints with numbers associated with them; you get an outline of an image with numbers written in various parts that should be filled in with the paints with the corresponding number. The end result is stunning paintings! Usually Paint by the Number kits include everything; the paints, the outline images, and the brushes!

1. Give Your Already Stressed Brain A Break

Give Your Already Stressed Brain A Break

 The reason why Paint by the Numbers might help reduce your anxiety is because of the fact that all the instructions are already there and all you have to do is enjoy. A lot of research has shown that the constant stress and panic brought on by the pandemic has mainly occupied peoples’ short term memories which has lead to not a lot of room for higher level thought processing, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Thus, Paint by the Numbers takes away that stress from you by laying out the very simple instructions for you to follow. This takes away the stress of not having to plan something to draw or paint. And you will not even have to get frustrated by how your vision isn’t coming to life like you had imagined in your mind’s eye since the instructions and everything you need is right there!

2. A Fun Hobby That Keeps On Giving

Now that we have established that the stress factor of a hobby such as Paint by the Number is lesser, it might convince you to take it up. But you know why you should also take it up? Because, the hobby is so fun! It helps you create a certified masterpiece in no time at all. The colors are already decided and you just have to use a paintbrush to color in your outline. It honestly is a great feeling to look at the completed work of art. You can also frame these pictures and gift them to friends and family apart from keeping them for yourself. Of course, there is nothing like giving a loved one a handmade gift and hopefully they will appreciate your work of art as well!

3. Indulge in Some Color Therapy

Indulge in Some Color Therapy

Color therapy principles have been observed as beneficial the world over. A concept which dates back to the ancient Egypt, residents of the ancient city used sun booths and colored glass to give healing to their bodies and minds. The concept is now even acknowledged by psychologists and researchers who also stand by the fact that using art can help people relieve stress and give them mental healing! And hence, using Paint by the Numbers, is definitely a structured form of art which can help you in reducing your mental stress because using colors and brush strokes have been proven time and again by research to be quite therapeutic in nature. In these tough times when nothing is certain which is causing stress for a lot of people, a hobby like Paint by the Numbers might be beneficial!

4. One Person Activity

One Person Activity

Since the pandemic has hit, a lot of people who would socialize often have been hit quite hard by the fact that they cannot socialize as much. A lot of people who had group hobbies or were part of athletic teams have found that they have much more time on their hands as the circumstances prevent them from enjoying the hobby they had. That is the benefit of Paint by the Numbers; it can be enjoyed by a single person! While Paint by the Activity sets no limit to how many people can participate in one painting, the usual situation is that one person paints one painting. Hence, Paint by the Numbers is the perfect activity for someone who is looking for a hobby which doesn’t require several people.

5. Can Be Parceled Over Days as A Project

Can Be Parceled Over Days as A Project

One of the benefits of having a hobby like Paint by the Numbers is that you can take it slow. You can color in a patch of the painting every time you feel like. You do not absolutely have to complete the entire thing in one sitting. You can cover a small area or as much as you want per session. Since everything is labeled with numbers, you don’t even have to worry about forgetting the vision for the painting since it will remain the same throughout! The entire thing is very convenient. This could be your pandemic project; completing one or a few intricate Paint by the Number paintings. You can slowly see your masterpiece and how it is turning out.

6. Socially Distanced Paint by The Number Party

Socially Distanced Paint by The Number Party

Painting by the number parties and nights were very popular pre-pandemic! Considering Covid-19 is still here and not going away anytime soon, you can have virtual or socially distanced Paint by the Number parties with your friends and family! Everyone can order their own Paint by the Numbers kit and decide on what page they want to paint and then share their creations at the end! Since traditional parties cannot be held at the moment, it is a good idea to innovate and find activities which can be done individually but also be shared as a wholesome group experience! People are already having a lot of fun by hosting and being a part of Paint by the Number parties.

At the end of the day, Paint by the numbers has always been a very fun activity that people have loved even before Covid-19 hit the planet. But now, more than ever, the hobby might be a savior for you to adjust and feel better with the new normal!

While a lot of people are ignoring social distancing guidelines and pretending that Covid-19 has passed, you still need to be careful and take care of yourself. And while you may be getting antsy and want things to go back to normal, it might be a good idea to take it easy and slow. And if you want a better way to pass the time; then pick up a new interesting hobby every now and again!


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