Here’s 10 Ideas for Your Customizable Navy Cap


If you’ve been in the Navy or are part of a Navy family, there’s no denying your connection and dedication to this beloved branch of the US military. And whether you’re hanging out at a poolside BBQ or supporting your favorite team at a baseball game, wearing the Navy insignia is a sign of pride and can be a great conversation starter.

One fun way to represent while off-duty is to design and wear a custom Navy cap. Here are 10 ideas for how you can share your history, interest, and/or connection to the service with the help of a customizable hat.

1. Share Your Story

First, you can share your own journey in the Navy. With a customizable hat, you can choose to display the specific ship you were on as well as its hull number. You can also add dates and names to link the image to your specific history with it.

2. Honor a Relative

You might also want to use the customizable options to honor someone you love who may have served or even given their life for their country. You can choose to represent their regimen or their service with various insignias or a simple US flag.

3. Retell History

If you are a history buff, you might want to represent and share a specific battle that occurred in our nation’s history. You can choose to display a number of historic ships and/or add historical data to honor important events or people in US history.

4. Give the Perfect Gift

Maybe you have a Navy fan in your family or at your office. Customizable caps are a great way to give a personalized gift that really means something. You can add the person’s name or even a personal message.

5. Create a Masterpiece

Because of the vast array of options, you might want to get a little creative. Maybe you have a favorite ship that you’d like to display or you want to add your lucky number or support a specific Navy Academy football player—the sky’s the limit!

6. Be Part of a Team

You might be part of a weekly golf team or bowling league. As a way of unifying your team and sharing your Navy connection, you might think about getting matching hats, with your designated names or nicknames, of course!

7. Family Fun

Another great idea for customizable caps is to use them during family gatherings or reunions. It’s a great way to see who served where and when and to really share that family connection that the Armed Forces is known for.

8. Send a Message

You don’t have to be in the Navy to support what they do for our country and the world. Maybe you can use your customizable hat to support the Navy or military personnel in general. They’ve definitely earned our respect and would love the encouragement.

9. Get Motivated

Maybe you, or someone in your life, is interested in joining the Navy one day. What a great motivator it would be to have a customizable cap clearly emblazoned with such a worthy goal.

10. Have a Little Fun

Of course, when anything is customizable there is no end to the ideas and creativity possible. Maybe you’re a board-game lover and want to really get into your monthly Battleship competition. There’s definitely a cap for that!

Ultimately, the Navy has had a large impact on many American lives. If you have a connection to the Navy or the Armed Forces in general, it can be a great experience to meet others with similar backgrounds or interests. Wearing a customizable Navy cap is a sure-fire way to do just that!

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