Hollywood’s Iconic Blonde Actresses


Whether they be projected as “dumb blondes,” “blonde bombshells,” bubbly blondes, cool blondes or ditzy blondes — there’s no denying that blondes do really have fun especially in Hollywood. Contrary to popular belief there is more than just one shade of blonde — it actually ranges from golden to platinum. Here are the actresses with shiny blond hair who have made significant moments in Hollywood history.

Platinum blonde Mansfield also rose to fame around the same time as her rival Marilyn Monroe so people couldn’t help comparing these two blonde bombshells. But more than her silvery curls, Mansfield is also known for her whistle-bait figure, an apparent genius-level IQ (that really stamps out the notion of “dumb blondes”) and a predilection for anything pink. Not to mention that she also had a highly-publicized personal and love life which even grabbed more attention than her movies.

Jean Harlow, who tragically died at the age of 26 in 1937, was one of Hollywood’s earliest sex symbols and one of the first “blonde bombshells.” This platinum blonde became one of MGM’s most bankable leading ladies, starring opposite William Powell, Spencer Tracy, and Clark Gable.

Although Madonna first made her mark as one of the 80s pop icons, she has also branched her talents into acting as well, starring in films like Evita and A League of Their Own. She has kept on evolving in terms of her career and style, and even the color of her hair (she’s actually a natural brunette, by the way). But she has often kept her signature blonde look, and we like it that way.

Marilyn Monroe is possibly the most famous blonde bombshell. She starred in a lot of films including the aptly titled Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Her legend, legacy to pop culture and iconic status have even grown bigger since after her death in 1962, and she inspired future generations of artists including Madonna.

You cannot recognize actress and former Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson without her signature blonde locks, and her hot one-piece Baywatch red swimsuit.

English model Twiggy started the “pixie cut” rage during the Swinging Sixties. Her boyish/elfin haircut has never gone out of style, and otherwise continues to inspire those who want that fabulous light blonde, cropped hair like hers.

Veronica Lake’s deep-parted, wavy hair accidentally fell over her one eye, and that unintentionally seductive hairstyle became Lake’s trademark. A lot of women, even today, have tried to copy Lake’s come-hither “peek-a-boo” hair.

Bette Midler’s bubbly blonde image may lack grace, but that’s how she became famous for. Of course, like many of starts, the singer/actress also changed her look from time to time, but has returned to the blonde hair she is most known for having.  She is immensely talented and funny, too.

Brigitte Bardot’s signature tousled blonde locks and oozing sensual appeal made her one of the major sex symbols of the 1960s.

Blonde hair can also rock, as proven by singer Debbie Harry. She’s the lead singer of well, Blondie, which became one of the most popular punk/new wave acts during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In fact, Harry is sometimes erroneously referred to as “Blondie” and we can’t blame them since she had platinum blonde hair.

Doris Day’s talent and bubbly, wholesome image catapulted her into a box-office queen and a successful singer especially during the 1950s.

Former child star/actress/producer Drew Barrymore is another girl who has switched different hair colors. But we agree that blonde hair has always looked great on her.

Elizabeth Montgomery proves that not all witches have dark hair. In this case, she played a blonde, wide-eyed housewitch on the popular sitcom Bewitched, which entranced viewers from the early 60s to the early 70s.

Farrah Fawcett became a 1970s blonde icon thanks to the popular TV series Charlie’s Angels. She embodied the wholesome, all-American beauty. Who could ever forget that classic photo of her in a red bathing suit?

We cannot complete this gallery without including the venerable Grace Kelly, the Hollywood actress-turned-Princess of Monaco. In stark contrast to other “blonde bombshells” during her prime, Kelly personified the cool, classy, refined blonde. No wonder Hitchcock favored her the most among all other actresses who starred in his films.

Internationally-famous Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bundchen has features that a lot of women would love to have. Aside from her gorgeous face and body, it’s also her wavy beach blonde hair that many girls have tried to copy.