Home Improvements During Lockdown

2020 saw countries worldwide taking extreme measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and unfortunately, this is still necessary for 2021. While vaccines have provided new hope that things might return to some kind of normality by the end of this year, many people will still have to put up with staying at home for the next few months. In 2020, lockdown restrictions led many people to find new hobbies and discover their talents for many things, from baking to arts and crafts. Some people even took this as an opportunity to finally get on with some DIY projects at home to spruce up their living space. If you didn’t get around to this last year, perhaps now is the time to work on some home improvements? Below are a few suggestions for some DIY jobs to try while you’re still in lockdown.

Retiling the Bathroom

Are your bathroom tiles looking a bit worn out? Perhaps they’re chipped, cracked, or the caulk and grout could use refreshing? You might even find the standard white tiles found in most domestic bathrooms to be a bit dull and prefer to try something different. Retiling your bathroom is a great home improvement project and is relatively easy enough to do yourself. There are plenty of online videos that can guide you through this process and let you know what tools and materials you’ll need for the job.

Building Bookshelves

Bookshelves or shelving units of any kind are always useful to have at home. They help to keep your living space neat and organized, making it a much more comfortable environment for you to enjoy. If you have some vacant space at home, measure up the area and make some shelves to fit in there, so you have better storage to keep your belongings safe. You can find all the right tools such as saws, spirit levels, screws, and adhesives that you might need at https://tradefixdirect.com/.


If your property comes with a private garden, the next few months in lockdown could be a great opportunity to get it ready for the summer. Building some new garden furniture could be an option, or look at laying decking or putting down some new slabs for a patio. Raised flower beds could be another thing to consider to make your garden more aesthetically pleasing. You can do a lot with outdoor spaces, even if they are on the smaller side, and a beautiful garden is not only pleasant for you but will add value to your property.


Interior Decorating

This is probably the easiest of the home improvement projects to choose from. If you want to refresh your living space and are looking for something to keep you busy, redecorating your house’s rooms is a good way to do this. New color schemes can create a better atmosphere and make your home feel brand new.

If you’re trying to find things to keep you occupied while restrictions are still in place, consider giving some of these DIY home improvements a go.