Home Maintenance Projects to Complete By the End of Summer


The end of summer can bring cooler winds, the first rustle of leaves falling from their trees, and a sense of melancholy. However, as well as being the big finale to a beautiful summer of warm days and fun memories, the end of the season is also the perfect time to finish up the home maintenance projects that you have been putting off all summer long. Whether you want to prepare your home for winter or clean up after months of lounging about, here are some of the top maintenance projects that you should perform.

1. Replace Your Guttering

Although your guttering is less likely to become blocked during the summer months, the warmer weather can lead it to plants growing around your gutters and causing them to become cracked. Also, as we head further into the winter season, you can prevent any damage from falling leaves and frozen plastic by making sure that your guttering is as clear as possible.

However, homeowners often make the mistake of ignoring their gutter maintenance throughout the summer. If your guttering is beyond repair, you should consider replacing it, with Rock Solid Exteriors offering a gutter installation service that can make them as good as new throughout the winter months.

One of the best options is aluminium guttering. Aluminium guttering is commonly used for its lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable properties. It is less likely to rust or deteriorate over time compared to other materials like steel, making it a popular choice for gutter systems. Additionally, aluminium guttering requires less maintenance, is easy to install, and can be customized to fit various architectural styles.

2. Swap Your Air Filters

Throughout the summer, it is likely that you will have enjoyed the benefits of HVAC units throughout the warmer spells. However, this can leave your filters blocked and unprepared for the colder weather to come when you will be in need of a heating system. Before the cooler temperatures hit, you should swap your air filters to make sure that your home can continue to enjoy fresh and efficient heating and air conditioning throughout the fall.

3. Inspect Your Windows

During the summer period, your windows can easily become covered with dust and other substances that have been carried by the August breezes. In that case, you should inspect your windows before the winter comes. By doing so, you can also make sure that there are no drafts coming through your glazing. This will allow your home to be as efficient as possible when you start to use heating systems.

4. Prepare the Garden

Now that the summer flowers have started to fade, you may be looking at introducing winter-flowering plants and berries into your garden. Before you can do so, however, you need to dig up any of the trailing leaves and stalks of the previous season’s flowers, dig up the soil, and prepare your flower beds for new life.

5. Look After Your Patio and Decking

If you have spent all summer sitting out on your decking or patio, or if summer furniture has left large marks on your paving stones, you should consider sprucing these up before the weather turns. You can do this by using a power washer to clean away any debris and to bring back the shine that your patio and decking had pre-summer. You may also consider preparing your outdoor living space for a new season by finding outdoor blankets and installing lighting that can allow you to enjoy the fresh air for longer.

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