How can TikTok views help you make money on TikTok


According to Statistics, 1 billion active users each month was counted as of September 2021. You must create excellent content, engage with your audience, and follow current trends to make money on TikTok. You can earn more money the more engagement you have. You can make money with TikTok’s Creator Fund, a new function that lets users sell their movies. The platform will start tracking views as soon as the video begins to play. This feature makes it much simpler to make money on TikTok. If you want to boost your social media presence, contact FameNow and attend their various social media training spearheaded by social media experts.

What does TikTok pay for each view?

A creator on TikTok receives between $20 and $40 for every million views thanks to the platform’s Creator Fund, which pays 2 to 4 cents for every 1,000 views. But only if you meet the prerequisites of being over 18 and having at least 10,000 followers, among other restrictions.

Do you want to know how much money TikTok producers make? See how the top TikTok influencers are lip-syncing their way to wealth by viewing our 2022 TikTok Rich List.

Should you purchase TikTok views?

You must be wondering whether you should buy tiktok views or still opt for other techniques that can help you achieve your goal. Buying TikTok views frequently is a horrible idea because the websites that provide the service frequently utilize false accounts or bots to watch your videos.

While it may seem fantastic to observe an increase in views, this is simply a number. Buying views can lower your engagement rate without genuine likes and shares, which could harm your TikTok account. Additionally, it may be simple to identify an account or article that is buying fraudulent views, which could hurt your brand’s reputation.

How do I get my TikTok videos more views?

1. Recognize your audience

Recognize your audience

Before anything else, it’s critical to remember that, even though users of all demographics use TikTok, Gen Z dominates the platform. On TikTok, people aged 18 to 24 make up 43.7% of all users. They are primarily individuals who are not drawn to heavily marketed content. Instead, people search the app for entertaining, creative, and inspirational material. Be genuine, and create TikTok videos tailored to your audience’s interests.

2. Include hashtags in your videos on TikTok

If you want any brand to succeed on a social media platform, you must get users to find your material first.

Adding #hashtags can help your discovery to reach individuals with relevant interests thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, which promotes personalization for each user.

Remember that the main objective is to monetize your audience and attract the correct followers. Choose hashtags that are pertinent to your keywords as a result. Another suggestion is to include the hashtags #fyp, #foryou, or #foryoupage in the subtitles of your films to increase the likelihood that they will appear on For Your pages.

3. Take advantage of the ‘For You page’s trends

Produce worthwhile content

One of the key objectives for brands using TikTok marketing is to reach the For You Page. Users open their app and are directed to that page as soon as they do. Although it is a selection of films based on your preferences and previous interactions, current trends may appear on everyone’s For You Page.

Because trends on TikTok are subject to weekly change, investigate the most popular trends and join challenges to keep your brand current. For instance, Candyfunhouse received 11.4k likes when they capitalized on the Stranger Things trend by predicting the favorite candy of each character.

4. Capture and maintain the audience’s interest

With TikTok videos, engagement is always positive. On TikTok, however, view time, likes, and shares are the most critical metrics compared to other social media sites. According to the “batch” theory, one of the most widely accepted explanations for the TikTok algorithm, the ratio of likes or engagement to views determines how many people will see your video.

Studying successful copywriting techniques, such as compelling headlines or open-loop queries, can help draw viewers in and increase watch time and views. You will get results immediately, just as in all of Peachy Slime’s films, if you use the same strong hook as a caption. Each video demonstrates the brand’s slime-making process and includes a user comment or question that sparks a Storytime. This hooks viewers and generates millions of views.

5. Incorporate popular music or noise into videos

Incorporate popular music or noise into videos

Similar to hashtags, a popular song or sound effect will make your video appear to anyone who has just viewed or liked a video with that sound. The likelihood is that if you choose a piece of popular music, your video will do the same. One such is the million+ view TikTok video Savannah Bananas dancing to Lizzo’s “aboutdamntime.”

6. Duet with other TikTok users or work together

Viral video features like stitching or duetting are excellent ways to increase interaction and function similarly to influencer marketing. Newer businesses can capitalize on popular trends for more exposure, while more seasoned businesses can team up with TikTok celebrities and inspire user-generated content.

For instance, the NBAs tell me you are an NBA Fan without telling me you are an NBA Fan feature enables other users to create material related to their business, which benefits them by generating free publicity.

7. Upload several times daily

Upload several times daily

The best thing about TikTok is that the more stuff you share, the faster you may grow, even though it can be difficult to forecast what will go viral.

TikTok advises users to publish fresh, deliberate content frequently, ideally one to four times daily. This is so that you may experiment with different content and build an audience by posting more stuff. In addition, TikTok has an extensive organic reach compared to other social media sites. Any chance of appearing on viewers’ For You pages can be increased by posting the appropriate material at the appropriate time.

8. Make your videos brief

The ideal TikTok video duration, according to digital communications experts, is only 15.6 seconds. The study is based on the top 100 TikTok videos of 2019, of which he discovered that 80% were 20 seconds or less in duration and 2% were longer than that. The outcome is predictable. Your videos will have a higher completion rate and a higher likelihood of being rewatched, just like with shorter ones.

9. Produce worthwhile content

Produce worthwhile content

Although TikTok aims to produce trendy content, marketers should also contribute valuable content, such as instructional or informative material. Consider the 80/20 rule, according to which 80% of your postings should be valuable (e.g., informative or entertaining), and 20% should advertise your company. For example, Cees Closet promotes her exfoliation product while giving interesting skincare information.

10. Investigate your competition and monitor your stats

No matter what medium you use, marketing is a game of vying for your audience’s attention.

To locate your unique selling proposition and opportunities to set your brand apart from your rivals, research your competition and comprehend your brand messaging.

Additionally, register for TikTok Pro to monitor your analytics, eliminate any uncertainty from your content plan, and learn what kinds of material your audience prefers.

11. Promote your TikTok content

TikTok is probably not your entire social media plan. You presumably use Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube in addition to these other social networking sites. If this is the case, a synergistic

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