How Do You Achieve A New Ribbon In The Military?

One of the best proud moment for any military soldier is to get the ribbon in their names. Form the time people join the military, and they have this one sole purpose which is to serve their country. For a soldier, a country is everything that matters, so to live and die for them a that they want. Many people hear all those announcements that are made on the national televisions about the soldiers getting the military ribbons. However, only those people know what they mean by ribbons which were a part of the military or had a family member in the military.

Most people adore military uniform and all those flashy thin military ribbons. However, they don’t know that each ribbon has its own different means. That you actually have to earn each and every ribbon as a soldier, in either being in the battlefield or winning some big competition. So, if you are someone who wants to join the military and wants to know what these ribbons really means what you have to do to achieve every ribbon, then continue on reading.

1. Life-Saving Ribbon

This ribbon is the red and white strips ribbon, that is awarded to a soldier when they save a life. Now there is three-way you can do things to achiever this ribbon. You can either donate some organ to another life during some war. Or you can just save a life that will provide you with a silver ribbon. But if you want to have a golden ribbon attached, then you need to do both, save a life and donate an organ to someone who is in need.

2. Service Ribbons

These ribbons have three stages, silver, bronze and golden, each ribbon comes with a star. To get the silver star service ribbon, you have to continue providing the military one year of services to earn this ribbon. A hunk of bronze will be given to you when you have served your time as a service commander for more than two years. The gold star service ribbon is achieved when you have provided your services as national commander of the military.

3. Disaster Relief Ribbon

These ribbons are achieved when you have participated in any five disaster relief missions and has given your services in them fully. This will be only eligible if you have passed the two courses that the military provide to teach their solider the basics of the disaster relief programs with a minimum of 40 hours of the activity in the raining grounds of the same programs.

4. National Defence Service Ribbon

This ribbon is the most known ribbon of the military and can be only awarded to you if you have given your services in the five national emergency missions with either the US Army or the Navy. The years are combat will not make you eligible for this award at all.

5. Homeland Security Service Ribbon

After the national defence service ribbon, this ribbon is the most wanted one in the army and the one that makes every soldier have it attached with their uniforms.

This ribbon is awarded to the members of the armed services of the US army that have provided the best meritorious and winning services.

These are the top five ribbons and what a soldier needs to do to achieve every single of them. These are not just any simple ribbons; these are the medals of honours for their services that they have provided their countries. Getting any of these ribbons is nothing but an act of bravery and love for their country and its people.