How does the Picuki Instagram tool work?


Anyone who wants to use this Picuki tool or software must have a solid and steady internet connection as well as support devices such as cellphones, desktop computers, or laptop computers.

Picuki Instagram is a web-based program or software that can be used with any web browser, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and others.

The sole need for intended users is a web browser that supports searching for and simply accessing the Picuki tool’s official site URL.

Picuki Instagram may automatically start up anytime a user searches using a decent browser with a solid and fast internet connection.

When the user reaches the Picuki home page once it has opened, go through it and then click on the “ENTER” button.

It is better if you look at the website’s menu bar. Picuki Instagram’s menu bar is located in the top area of the homepage and allows you to view the numerous choices accessible on Picuki.

Furthermore, the Picuki app or website may be accessed in two ways.

How to Create an Account: Go to the Picuki app or website and search for

To begin, download the Picuki app or visit the website, which is the greatest online Instagram tool for downloading photographs, storing stories, and many other things.

Go through the Picuki website’s homepage once you’ve gained access to it.

After that, viewing other people’s account information on Picuki is straightforward, quick, and effortless. This may be accomplished by immediately putting the target person’s Instagram username into the website’s search field.

Picuki will then analyse your search request and display all Instagram photos and videos related with the searched Instagram account.

After discovering the account you’re looking for, you should be able to locate the photographs or videos from the Instagram account you’re looking for.

When you get access to the Instagram account you looked for, you will see a collection of photographs and videos from the account’s Instagram posts on the Picuki platform.

After that, you may begin by scrolling through all of the posts, photos, and videos from the Instagram account you sought. Once you’ve found the post or image you wish to download, click on the link to enter.

If you want to save that Instagram post or image on your device, after entering it, click the “Download” option.

The chosen Instagram photo will be posted to Picuki first, and then downloaded to your smartphone.

Furthermore, the image on the Picuki Instagram page is available in full size, so there would be no thumbnail reduction issues.

How can I perform a Hashtag Search in the Picuki app or on the Picuki website?

  • Get Picukilike access before you press the search box.
  • Now, in the search field, write the hashtag you want to look for and press the “search” button.
  • Following that, tap on the “Tags” section that appears above the search results. On your screen, you will see all of the linked Instagram hashtags.
  • You may now select the most relevant hashtag or one to view.
  • By scrolling down the page once the hashtag search results are presented, you may also see the photographs or videos that have been shared with that hashtag.
  • Finally, you would see all of the posts that were relevant to the hashtags search.

The following is the technique for editing and modifying images on Picuki Instagram:

Picuki’s main advantage or benefit is that it allows you to edit and modify Instagram photographs from multiple accounts. This functionality is not available on any other Instagram downloading platform. There are several picuki alternatives available in market.

Picuki users may apply numerous filters, crop functions, saturation adjustment, contrast, exposure, and many other editing choices to images immediately on the web, making it even more easy. After making the required changes and adjustments, users may quickly download the images to a smartphone.

How can you view IG stories without going into your Picuki account?

If you want to see the whole narrative of someone else on Instagram without logging in, you may use the Picuki tool to do so. This Instagram downloader and editor allows users to see Instagram stories without logging in. You simply need to follow these simple steps to access Instagram stories in a matter of minutes.

  • Access the profile pages of the people whose tales you wish to read via the website or app.
  • To view the profiles, hit the “Stories” area of the screen.
  • After that, click on the store symbol in the lower right corner of the page.
  • You may now watch all of Instagram’s stories without having to sign in.





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