How is Wooden Pallets Made?


Today, it is important to know how wooden pallets are made. Generally according to particular standards. In other words, any company can use wooden pallets no matter where they are manufactured.

It is important to know a little more about wooden pallets and how the pallets are made and where the wood used comes from. Here we are going to refer to where and how this wood is obtained without threatening nature. Nowadays, more and more pallet manufacturing companies are forced to look for ecological alternatives to obtain wood.

The type of wood to use

Wooden pallets have a fairly simple but reliable and fully functional design as it adapts to transport any type of merchandise regardless of size or weight. Despite them, pallets do not have the recognition that they should in companies. Many companies consider the purchase of pallets as something insignificant, without realizing that it depends on them that their product arrives in optimal conditions.

The wood used to make pallets tends to be made from core trees and consists of a combination of hard and soft woods. The types of wood used are southern yellow pine and oak. The latter is the most used for being very strong and easy to find anywhere. This wood being quite common we can find it at a better price, much cheaper.

Oak is combined with pine for the manufacture of pallets, the result of joining both woods to make a pallet makes it much more resistant, strong and at the same time light capable of transporting any type of merchandise.

The other reason why woods are combined or included in the manufacture of soft woods is because they are more resistant to fungi and bacteria. Since their drying time is faster, that is, they will not stay wet for long.

Choose the Best Pallet Manufacturer

Once the wood that will be used to make the pallets is obtained, planks are cut to size and separately. An automatic saw cuts the notches in the proper position to allow a forklift to lift the pallet from any required angle. Pallet trucks are often used to lift these boards, which help in the movement of heavy loads.

It is very important to know everything about the manufacture of pallets, not only the type of wood they use but also the type of assembly. Not only is it enough that the company that manufactures or distributes them leaves us a good price, but also gives us the confidence to verify the true quality of the pallets through use.

A weak or poorly manufactured pallet can cause serious problems when transporting your merchandise and reduce confidence in your business. It is therefore necessary to take into account the company that manufactures the pallets, not only the price but also the quality must be seen.

When purchasing Wooden Pallets Malaysia, you must ensure that they can carry all the cargo that your company ships. That means pallets must be the correct shape, weight and composition to handle the loads and terrain your business will demand.

Choosing the right supplier can give you a point in your favor and make your business more effective. Therefore, you must take all the necessary measures to choose the best pallet manufacturer, since without these the load could not move and the warehouse workers would have a much more difficult job.

How is Wooden Pallets Made?

Depending on the type or size of the pallet, or even the material, how it’s manufactured can differ. Pallet production begins with receiving the wood at the production facility, which is the first factor to consider. The planks are then cut into the dimensions indicated for the different types of pallets.

To allow forklifts or pallet trucks to enter at different angles, the notch can be cut into stringers. Prior to assembly, the wood can be treated if the pallet will be used for international shipments or sanitary applications.

Obtaining the pieces together can be done either manually with pneumatic nailers or by using machines capable of joining and producing pallets of large volumes. A variety of machines are available on the market to help maximize the production and efficiency of this process, such as pallet stackers, board stackers, robotic dismantlers, and saws.

However, wooden pallets with specific measurements or on request, which must be made to meet your specific requirements, also adhere to a different process, due to their unique customization. The creation of your bespoke product will therefore require many more specific details and processes.

The strength and functionality of pallets are also tested by many manufacturers. A container or a transport vehicle is sometimes used to measure whether it is spacious. Several weeks before it is used, some will put it in different types of weather to determine its quality. Your homemade palette will be much more authentic and unique as a result.


Here we leave you everything you need to know for the manufacture of Pinewood Pallet, type of wood to be used and the steps to follow. Now it only depends on you, the most important thing is that a palette must be fully functional over any other of its qualities.

Remember, our team and facilities are at your disposal to see how the wooden pallets are manufactured and make yours at any time. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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