How much is it safe to play in an online casino


With the rise of online casinos all around people start wondering if they are safe to play and they won’t get their information stolen from them. The truth is that top gambling sites are extremely safe for you to register on them because top notch online casinos take pride in their ability to protect their data and the date of their users from attacks. It’s highly unlikely that a casino would get a license to operate if the authorities think that the site doesn’t have the necessary measures to protect the data of the users, so in essence, you don’t have anything to worry about and signing up to a casino site is completely safe.

What is a Gaming License?

This is a license that every casino must obtain in order to operate legally with their business. It’s a permit issued by a state that allows the gambling site to operate their business and not having this license would be against the law. The absolute best online casino Canada real money gambling sites are all licensed, which means they underwent a vetting of their ability to run their business and protect their customer’s data. Gaming licenses like these cost a small fortune just to apply and an annual fee that is even greater to keep the license so it’s very important to the gambling site that they keep the information safe so the players don’t leave.

Whenever a gambling license is issued to an online casino site, it means that that website doesn’t have their games rigged against the players because in order to obtain one, the authorities put their site to a test in which a random number generator is testing the validity of their games and produces a result at the end which lets people know if the casino is a scam or not. Most experienced online gamblers would scroll down after visiting a casino site like NederlandsCasino’s in order to see the licensing information before signing up on their site.

Authorities Issuing Gaming Licenses

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to where the gaming licenses can be obtained so online casinos have to get theirs from a few of the following:

  1. Curacao – probably the one most used by online casinos is the Curacao license because of the advantageous zero percent tax on casino profits that this island has. It also has a very fast licensing process that takes no more than 2 months and it’s quite cheap to acquire.
  2. Malta – Malta has two different licenses that they issue and they are extremely valuable because it’s recognized by the UK Gambling Commission and it’s available for the British audience.
  3. Cyprus – getting a gambling license and operating out of Cyprus is a popular choice and some of the most prestigious casinos are going for it. Among them is the Jackpot Cash casino as well, which is one of the best that you can encounter online.


Playing in online casinos is as safe as it can get because most casinos that operate with a legal license are going through a lot of tests and jump through a lot of hoops in order to get approved. Their data encryption rivals most of the top world banks, which means that hackers will have a lot of difficulties to break through it and it probably won’t be worth their time.

Licensed online casino’s aren’t a scam and they won’t steal your money once you deposit into your account because the licensing authorities wouldn’t approve them to operate legally if there were signs of foul play on their website when they applied to get one.

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