How Renovations Can Make You Money


The real estate housing market in Canada is seeing an astronomical rise. The booming market has made the average price of houses rise to brand new heights. This boom in the average pricing was caused by the high demand for homes without a large enough supply to satisfy it. Calgary is one of the hotspots for this booming real estate market.

What this presents is a major opportunity for homeowners in Calgary. If you own property there right now, then it is safe to say that its value is rising as you read this article. However, there are other ways you can increase the value of your home, and the simplicity of them may shock you. Home renovations can make you money by increasing the value of your property.

How Do Home Renovations Pay Off?

Remodelling and renovating your home can make you money by boosting the return on the investment made when you purchased the house. It would be best to remember that renovation costs money to perform, which should be included in your calculations when considering your investment. In general, renovations that fix a structural or design issue within the home are best for recovering the cost of renovation. Increasing the overall beauty of the house can increase the value of the property as well.

On average, some renovation projects have proven more successful than others when increasing the value of a home. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the most popular and have historically been the most consistently successful renovations. The addition of a wood deck is quite costly, but it increases the value of your home by a significant amount in return. Remember that your property’s value depends on the location and state of the market, so keep that in mind when planning renovations. It does you no good to over-renovate your home to the point where it will have no returns.

Renovations To Avoid

As mentioned earlier, it is important to plan your renovations properly not to waste the cost of construction. You must research thoroughly or speak with a professional about your property’s location and the current state of the real estate market. Renovations that are not in demand will add little to no value to your property.

A swimming pool is one such house upgrade you want to avoid if you want to make money from renovations. First of all, they cost quite a lot to both install and maintain. The maintenance may put off potential buyers because of the time, effort, and resources it will take. Furthermore, they may not be safe for children and pets, which is a major issue.

Another costly renovation that does not have a good return on investment is landscaping. While it can help keep a lovely home, not everyone has the time or devotion to maintain the decor. Furthermore, hiring someone to do so would only add more costs to their expenses.

Overall, you want to avoid renovations or upgrades that may seem like a burden rather than a positive addition. The reason bathrooms and kitchens are a safe bet is because they are almost always used by homeowners daily. Think smart and think about what renovations would make you the most money.

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