How Safety Clothing and Location Affect Cyclists’ Safety

If you are keen on minimizing your carbon footprint, cycling to and from work or short distances can be a great way to achieve your goals. Also, you get to keep fit in the process. However, it’s important to note that poor visibility on roads can pose risks to cyclists. 

Fortunately, addressing the issue of poor visibility is possible by wearing bright-colored clothes. Another big factor is a cyclist’s location on the road, with intersections being the most dangerous spot for cyclists.

Some people would argue that cyclists’ actions are the most important to safety. While true, it is not the only thing. A cyclist can do everything in the book right but still get hit. Nonetheless, here are some safety measures you can adapt as a cyclist to keep safe on the road. 

Bright Clothes Make a Difference

One effective way of minimizing your chances of getting in an accident is wearing brightly colored clothes. Any brightly colored clothing can help increase visibility. But, the color choice and where the brightly colored cloth is worn can affect visibility.

During the day, the most visible color is fluorescent yellow-green. This is because the human eye is most sensitive to these colors’ wavelengths during the daytime when lighting is at its best. But, as the sun sets and visibility decreases, the human eye’s perception of color changes, and bright orange-reddish colors become more prominent. 

Where to Wear Bright Colored Clothes

While most cyclists wear brightly colored jerseys to improve visibility, studies show they are not as effective at improving visibility as wearing bright-colored clothing on the legs. 

Bright colors on the legs make visibility much more prominent. So, while you may still want a brightly colored jersey, consider having the same color on your legs. 

Besides wearing brightly colored clothes, you should consider installing a flashing light on your bike for improved visibility. Studies show that flickering lights are better at capturing attention than steady lights.

Location Is Important

The location of cyclists while on the road is very critical to safety. The most dangerous place for a cyclist on the road is at an intersection. “Often, drivers only look for other cars and could easily fail to notice cyclists, especially if the cyclist has not gone out of their way to make themselves visible,” says personal injury attorney David Gordon.  

Besides improving your visibility, ensure that you exercise maximum caution while approaching an intersection. Never assume that a vehicle can see you, so even when you have the right of way, it is best to ensure that your eyes and the drivers meet to ensure they know you are there.

Wear a Helmet

Most importantly, always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet ensures that your head, which is the most sensitive part of the body, is protected from the force of impact in an accident. 

Also, avoid loose clothes like flowing dresses and skirts that could get caught up in the moving parts of a bicycle and cause an accident.