How Scholarship Plays a Major Role in Rural Education Development?


Relevant and locally-controlled educational activities or programs play an important role in rural development, especially in developing nations. Education has a controlling influence over rural individuals, communities, families, and society, and leading to reduced poverty, controlled unemployment, and income equity.

Failure in recognizing the importance of the rural people and their needs to the economic emancipation of the developing countries has given education an important role in the rural systems of production, education, supply, personnel maintenance, health care, marketing, and governance.

The main functions of education include improving social position, imparting social change, and living standards, activating participation in the rural and the cultural development, improving critical abilities of the rural people that will diagnose their requirements, rights, and take control of their decisions. Although the government is trying out different things to improve their education state in their country, still there are plenty of things to be improved. This is possible when people in rural get an opportunity of studying ahead with the help of a scholarships provided by people like Sam Haskell etc. and other grants.

Ways to Improve Rural Education

Let us look at some suggestions to adapt and enhance the education system among rural and remote areas:

More Focus on free education like scholarship

Poverty is the most common problem in the rural region and one major obstruction of propelling the right education. We can easily solve this problem if free education and scholarship are offered. It will bring up the low literacy rate as many parents will be keen to send their children to schools when they do not have to bear any expenses of their children’s education. For people who come from a low financial background, then the government should offer textbooks, laboratory facilities, and library so there are no reasons for not attending their schools.

Build more schools

Luckily, with today’s changing times, changes are getting witnessed even in the rural area. There’s a tremendous increase in the number of parents who know that education plays an important role. But, the major problem is the lack of schools in rural society. Even though the private and public schools are well-established, they’re beyond the reach of a common person due to being highly expensive. There is an easy solution to this problem if the government takes the initiative of establishing affordable schools that are pocket-friendly for the middle and lower economic class of the society and by initiating various scholarship programs for the talented kid.

Work on the school infrastructure

Rural educational institutions had to suffer a lot because of a lack of the right infrastructure. Schools in rural society don’t possess enough number of well-trained teachers. And the ratio of student and teacher is a bit improper that makes it tough to pay close attention to each student. It leads to a low-quality education that does not serve any purpose.

When we are looking to lay the strong foundation of the educational system, it has to begin right from the starting and it can be done if proper school infrastructure is provided to everyone.

Bring new teaching methods

The education level today has gone to the next level in the urban areas with the latest teaching techniques getting introduced, but in rural areas, the level of teaching methods is still traditional and primitive without any proper material. The rural schools are stuck on inculcating the rote learning in the students. It has to change. And it is possible when scholarship programs are introduced that offer free books to the students and other grants to them. The schools should start adopting such a concept to develop the students holistically.

Increase computer literacy

Every country is progressing in technology; but, unfortunately, an imprint of this development hasn’t reached yet to the rural society. It has led to the digital gap in the urban and rural areas. Schools in rural society have to get well-equipped with computer education and have to get imparted with technological education too. It can help them to be on par with the level of urban education & develop themselves much better.


No matter urban or rural, but initiating scholarships can be categorized in means, talent, or merit-based and it will help the students to pursue their passion & become the leaders of tomorrow.

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