How to be a great football mum


Has your child fallen in love with football? Do they live and breathe the sport? If so, you’re probably wondering how to become the best football mum possible.

In this article, we’ll be providing a few tips and information for those who are looking to be there for their kids and become a supportive football mum.

Learn more about the sport

Your child will likely want to discuss their love of football with you, so consider learning more about the sport and the rules so you can join in on the conversations. Your child will certainly be appreciative of you showing your passion for football, too.

Find out who their football heroes are so you can follow and chat about them with your child. It’ll make your life so much easier when it comes to birthdays and Christmas too. For instance, you could gift your child a Virgil Van Dijk football shirt if they look up to him the most. They’ll be sure to love you for it!

Support your child

Football requires commitment, so be sure to turn up to your child’s football training every Saturday morning to encourage and support them from the sidelines. If they have an important match coming up, clear your calendar so you can cheer them on!

Take plenty of photos so you can look back on the fond memories of your child playing the sport they love growing up. The cold mornings will certainly be worth it to see the beaming smile on your child’s face when they score a goal!

You’ll also need to be there for the low moments too, like when your child’s team loses. They’ll certainly be grumpy and upset, but they’ll get over it soon enough!

Don’t get put off by the extra washing

Let’s face it, your child is going to get muddy. Don’t be put off by the extra washing though – it happens to us all!

Turn their football kit inside out, shove it in the machine and trust that those stains will come out in no time. You can even throw in gloves and boots, too – as long as the machine is set on a 30° cycle. But, remember not to put shin pads in the machine, as these are better to be hand-washed.

If the materials are delicate, consider setting a shorter cycle to keep the kit in tip-top condition.

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