How to Budget Your Honeymoon Vacation Accurately?

Do you think you have bitten off more than you can chew for your dream wedding? You might now be struggling to plan your honeymoon within a tight budget in hand. Do not worry!

Honeymoons are the best vacation to re-energize yourself after a tiring wedding. It allows you to start a new life with your partner on a fresh note.

The following article will give you the best tips to choose your honeymoon destinations and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest.

Read on to understand more about some money-saving ideas to enjoy this newlywed bliss.

Decide on the Right Type of Honeymoon

You can find a variety of options to select exotic honeymoon destinations. Some commonly chosen locations include:

  • Famous cities with attractive tourist spots
  • Relaxing beaches
  • Adventure sports and safaris with spectacular views of the wildlife
  • Theme parks to reminisce your childhood memories together
  • Road trips for eternal bliss with your partners

You can select the top spot according to your and your spouse’s preferences. Once you know your needs, you can plan and start saving up beforehand.

Plan in Advance

The most significant advantage of pre-planning your honeymoon is identifying the main areas you can splurge on. You can also be well-prepared to handle sudden expenses during your tour.

You must start saving every month at least a year before your wedding. Allocating a part of your monthly salary towards honeymoon savings can help you keep enough cash in hand.

You can spend cash without any stress and enjoy a blissful first vacation with your special one.

If you plan a domestic journey, you must book the ticket at least 30 days before your date. If it is an international destination, you should book your flights three to four months in advance to get the cheapest rates.

Compare the Prices Online

Once you have made a final list of honeymoon destinations, you can compare the prices offered by online sites. You can find affordable flights and book hotels at discounted rates when you plan your trip earlier.

You can try and find some of the best deals and offers when you sign up as a new member on online sites.

Contact a Travel Agent

Many find searching for the best prices online a stressful affair. In such cases, you can connect with the nearest travel agent in your locality.

An experienced agent can help you create the best, budget-friendly travel packages. It will be all-inclusive of food and accommodation at some of the best hotels and lodges in your vacation spot.

Plan an Off-Season Trip

Everyone knows that certain months of the year are the great time to travel. You will find famous tourist spots packed with visitors during this peak season.

If you wish to save a significant amount of honeymoon expenses, you should try and book your stay in an exotic location during fall or spring.

It is essential to research and understand the weather conditions in such places before you book your tickets.

Utilize a Wedding Registry

A wedding registry gives you an option to collect cash as a gift from your marriage guests. You can use this money to fund your honeymoon travels.

You can find online sites like The Knot Cash Registry, where you can register for activities as part of your honeymoon package.

The guests can contribute towards these expenses and help the newlyweds to enjoy a delightful honeymoon.

Check the Exchange Rates During International Travel

According to a news report, an average US couple spends around $4,500 on their honeymoon.

Some international destinations like Mexico and Vietnam have reasonable exchange rates for currency. You can save on your expenses and book premium hotels for staying in expensive locations.

You can enjoy luxurious foods and ensure that you do not miss out on any activity during your stay.

Use Your Reward Points

Most credit card firms offer reward points and free miles for frequent travelers. Some credit card companies offer signup discounts or extra points.

You can use these rewards to book your airline tickets or a chain of star hotels and resorts in your honeymoon destinations.

Check Out Alternative Travel Options

A private tour guide or a  vehicle can be expensive for honeymooners traveling on a budget. You can choose to ride public transport once you have reached your destination.

It not only helps you save money but also allows you to experience the local culture of the destination.

Book an All-Inclusive Option

You may find that booking a package deal is much cheaper than spending money separately for transport, accommodation, and food.

Many hotels offer discounts or free airport pick up and drop when you book a package for a week’s stay. It is essential to research and talk to the customer service representatives to avail all these offers and save money.