How to Build A $1000+ Per Month Affiliate Marketing Website (Earn Passive Income)


Imagine yourself as a real estate agent. You are assisting the owner and the buyer in the real estate transaction. Now, if you successfully do that, the owner will give you a commission for the sale.  You can easily check out best affiliate programs to learn and earn.

Affiliate Marketing is essentially the same thing, except here the procedure happens online. You can normally earn a percentage of the sale or a specific amount by promoting other company’s products.
You get paid by the company and get thanks from the users for recommending great products at the same time. Isn’t it awesome?

Now there are some steps on how to build a $1000+ per month affiliate marketing website. You’ll need to look for the products you want to promote, build your site and create useful content. Let’s talk about them! Once you do this, you can use this platform for marketing purposes:

Here’s all you need to know about how to build a $1000+ per month affiliate marketing website and how to make it work.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How It Works

Affiliate marketing is a method to earn commission by promoting a product that belongs to another person or company. You do it on your website, YouTube channel, or Facebook as well.

So how does this actually work?

You basically sign up for the affiliate program of services like Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Amazon and many more, and promote their products online. You can generally find the signup for their program on the bottom of their websites – sometimes named affiliates or partner program.

When you sign up, they give you a special tracking link known as the affiliate link which you use on your website. As the customer purchases the product through the link, that affiliate network records the details of the transaction and you get your commission.

Finding Products to Promote

  1. Firstly, you need to find a general idea of the niche you want to get into. You can think of any problem you want to solve for a specific group of people. Or think of a problem that you are currently having.
  2. After you are done brainstorming the specific group of people you want to help, think of the products they need to succeed and solving that problem.
  3. Then you can start typing in the “product + review” – this will give you dozens if not hundreds of affiliate websites where you can draw inspiration on for products to promote.

Designing and Setup of The Affiliate Website

Getting your Domain Name

This is basically your website address. For example, Or maybe

To get yourself one, you can visit a domain name registrar or you can get it from your hosting provider and key in the domain you want to purchase. If available, you can purchase it for around $12-15 per year.

Hosting the website

This is where your website is stored so that people can access it worldwide. For a small monthly fee, the hosting company will store your website data, content and images.

When choosing a hosting company – make sure they have great customer support, fast loading servers (go for cloud hosting – if possible) and that they have one-click WordPress installation.

Installing A Web Publishing software:

WordPress is highly recommended for this purpose.

Why use this specific website builder?

Firstly, it is free and open source. You also don’t need any coding knowledge to create an amazing site.

Second, it’s the most popular platform for blogging and affiliate site since it is extremely customizable, search engine friendly and you can add many functionalities to it by using free or paid plugins.

Designing the Site

By default, WordPress site comes with a very basic design.

No worries if that theme doesn’t attract you, there are a ton of free and paid themes you can install in your website. You’ll be able to customize the themes better once you come up with content on your website. One of the best themes is Themify Ultra, which is included if you follow the video above. You will learn how to use the drag & drop builder to create your affiliate niche website.

Creating Content for the Site

This is perhaps the most important part for your affiliate marketing business! But a lot of people focus on creating the perfect website before they actually come up with productive content.

Generally, the more links you have on your site, the more you are going to rank on google searches provided that your content is top notch. There are actually a number of key elements for a great content.

Number one is that your content should match the searches intended by the user. Producing a distinctive content and use of right keywords is of equal importance, google will surely not rank a duplicate content.

Next, you should try to provide a thorough and complete answer to what people are searching for.  You would want to include supporting images, screenshots, videos, perhaps references to make your content interesting.

Finally, you have to show the downsides along with the benefits of the product. Because it’s hard for the user to trust that a product is without imperfection.

Once you are done creating the content, you can add it and customize it on your WordPress site.


On and off page Search Engine Optimization is quite necessary as it will help you rank your website on google. It is basically getting backlinks on your site through activity on social media, guest posting on related blogs, advising and interacting with industry forums and more. As well as making sure, the on-page things are well optimized for your target keywords.


If you really want to be on the up and up with affiliate marketing, it should not be about how you conceptualize it, but about how you execute it. You need to get better at creating a helpful content rather than working on marketing or promoting.

There is no limit to potential, the more content you produce, the more money you make. Plus, you can start off with low capital and eventually get high profit margins. Another perk is that you don’t have to deal with any shipping or customer support, the company will do it for you. If you have a website with decent followers, you are ready to get going.

Although you probably won’t make $1000’s of dollars overnight, you can do within a few months if you actually take action on the knowledge provided in the video above.


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