How to Buy the Best Guitar- A Beginner’s Guide


Buying the best guitar can be a very challenging activity if you are a beginner. There are several decisions that you will make to get the best. You have to choose the type of guitar, the size and the performance that you want. If you like the sound of classic rock, there are certain guitar brands for it. The same thing if you want to play instrumental guitar ballads, there are also specific brands that are perfect for this genre.

Having various styles and choices that the players want makes the difference of each option. There is also inspiration that each player comes with or the instrument creates. A comprehensive guide touching all these aspects is therefore essential.

Understanding the types of guitars

As a beginner, you will need to have a proper understanding of each type of guitar. The specific types play specific kinds of music and serve specific roles. Have a look.

Acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar has a steel string, or classical which uses nylon strings. Steel strings produce a more metallic sound and bass. They can play several music styles and create the perfect sound.

This guitar resembles an old school one and has a hollow space for sound production. When you use it for strumming and country songs, it makes the best choice.

Classical guitar

A classical guitar has a nylon string. Some come in a design that looks like an acoustic guitar. In terms of sound production, the classical guitar will play the classical music conveniently. The tone is not so deep hence an excellent sound and a good singing companion.

To ensure you get the best guitar, you can choose one with the best classical guitar strings even for a beginner. These strings will ensure you get a performance every single day.

Electric guitar

An electric guitar does not have a resonating chamber and is generally small.  The sound it produces is also minimal and may not be very clear. It, therefore, needs an amplifier to produce a bigger and better sound. Electric guitars will conveniently play jazz, rock, blues, and pop music.

Comparing the strings of an electric guitar with those of an acoustic guitar is that the electric ones are thinner.

12 string guitar

The usual guitar has six strings. You can as well have the 12 string guitar as the makes the playability more advanced. The first strings in it are on odd numbers, while the second and 12th ones are even numbers. In this guitar, the strings are played in pairs and not individually as six strings ones do.

Tone production by this guitar is brighter and more pronounced. Making the progressions is something you will have great moments with when using this guitar.

Acoustic-electric guitar

This is a guitar that combines the properties of both an electric and acoustic guitar. Using this model is excellent as you can choose to use it as an electric guitar or simply an acoustic guitar. However, its cost may not be friendly for beginners.

Advantages and disadvantages of using electric and acoustic guitars for beginners

There are the merits that come along with using an acoustic or electric guitar as a beginner. Here is an explanation.

Advantages of acoustic guitar

  • No amplification needed
  • Easy to add a pickup
  • Better sound for learning
  • Enhanced playing cords
  • Most of them are budget-friendly

Disadvantages of acoustic guitars

  • Most models need boosters for bigger sound
  • Limited in tones and sound ranges
  • Has thick strings

Advantages of electric guitar

  • Great for performances
  • Small in size
  • Has many adjustability options

Disadvantages of electric guitars

  • Need an amplifier to boost performance
  • Portability gets limited

How to buy the best guitar?

Many features amount to having the best guitar. They include

Type of guitar

Depending on the kind of music you want to play, there are various types. Referring to the section above about the specific classes, you will quickly make a decision. You can quickly choose to have a classical, electrical or acoustic guitar.

Classical nylon strings make the best for beginners as they don’t hurt the fingers. After you learn to play, then you can try acoustic guitars to gain expertise. With time, you may now acquire the best concert size guitar in the market.

Size of the guitar

Guitars also come in various sizes. You can choose to have1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 4/4sizes. 4/4 is a full size meaning it is an ideal guitar for adults as its size is large. 1/8 is the smallest size and will make the best choice for young people.

As you assess the size of the guitar, you will also need to understand thickness. An electric guitar will be thinner thanan acoustic guitar. It should therefore be one that you will comfortably handle.

Neck profile

Another factor that makes a good model is the neck profile. It can either be ‘C,’ ‘D,’ ‘V’ or soft ‘V.’ Each person will have a style that they will be comfortable with. The orientation direction is also significant as it allows even the left-handed players to enjoy comfort. Each neck orientation also favors a specific style of playing.

Guitar Brand

Various brands make charming guitars. Choosing the best brand will guarantee you long-term service and a guarantee for service. Convenience in pricing is also an exciting feature with many brands. Yamaha, Cordoba, Ibanez, Epiphone, Seagull, and Taylor Guitars are some of the best brands.

Material choice for the guitar

The material used in making the guitar determines its durability and sound quality. Spruce tops and maple for the back and sides make the best guitars.

Steel and nylon strings also make the best material combination. You will be sure of sound clarity and performance. Other materials include rosewood and mahogany.

Price of the guitar

When choosing the price, your budget becomes the major contributing factor. You should get the guitar that meets your budget but of good quality. An assessment of several guitars ranging within your budget will make you enjoy the best service.

Some people will also choose to get second-hand guitars. When buying a second-hand guitar, it is good to ensure that it is refurbished. The cost should, of course, be lower.

Adjustability and ease of use

A good guitar should be effortless to adjust when you have to. However, general simplicity when in use is fundamental. The best guitar should be usable by both beginners and rock stars.


Buying the best guitar makes your playing sessions comfortable and enjoyable. Adhering to the protocols, we have highlighted in the article and understanding each guitar will quickly take you home. The guide is simple and very effective.


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