How to Choose a Mattress – What You Need to Look At


Have you thought about replacing your mattress simply because you feel tired and sore when you wake up in the morning? The process can be exhausting, especially if you prefer buying through brick and mortar stores. Have you tried ordering a mattress online? What qualities should you look for? Are there particular brands that cater to your personal-mattress-needs?

Checking tons of websites, choosing between springs and foams, and setting your budget can be cumbersome. It’s time-consuming, to begin with, and you want a quick way out to skip all the hassle. You can skip the whole process and follow these methods to pick a mattress that will perfectly fit your sleeping demands, regardless of what sleeping position you’re up to.

If you get up in the morning with a sore and tired feeling then understand that this is the best time to buy a mattress. There are many stores and websites displaying multiple brands. Try looking for the one matching your necessity.

Ever since the bed-in-box was introduced, people have swarmed into the convenience of purchasing their mattresses online. Taking advantage of the free-trial-free-shipping feature is a great deal you shouldn’t procrastinate about. While it’s convenient for some, it may not fit the shoe for others.

Here’s what you need to look for when buying a mattress: online or through brick and mortar shops.

Essential Features To Consider When Buying A Mattress

In the mattress world, there are three major types to select: foam, innerspring, and hybrid. There’s no universal mattress that fits everyone’s preference. Generally speaking, if you are a side sleeper, you’ll need a soft bed.

Stomach sleepers are better with a firmer mattress, while back sleepers fall either. Once you determine the firmness of your mattress, that doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to check essential factors such as sleeping position, materials used in the bed’s construction, bedfellow’s needs (and personal insights), and allergies, etc.

  • Target Comfort Level

Regardless of how expensive or cheap your mattress is, everything is void if you are not comfortable sleeping on it. Your comfort level varies with the mattress firmness, size, and materials used for construction.

  • Ditch Universal Mattress

Determining what’s best for you is not about what everyone has. Product recommendations are good but guide to choosing the best mattress suitable for your needs.

  • Check The Size

If lying down on a narrow bed makes you feel restricted and all, then go for a double bed that offers more space.

  • Check Firmness Level

Firmness levels vary from one manufacturer to another. If you want to check a mattress’s firmness, you have to ‘personally’ sleep on it.

  • Free Trial/Shipping Options

Testing the mattress will allow you to determine how good it is for your preference. While brick and n mortar shops will enable you to lie down on their bed, online shops provide free-trial options for specific periods.

Most bed-in-box mattresses offer free-shipping and free-trial. Take advantage of this.

  • Customer Feedback

Customers reviews provide a practical overview of the mattress performance and feel from first-hand experience. Whether you are going for a famous brand or not, reviews help a lot.

  • Product Reviews

Besides customer feedback, another great source of information and a complete buying guide are product reviews from reliable sources. It gives you a better perspective, especially with product comparisons.

  • Types Of Mattress

Consider checking all your options when buying a mattress. You can do a little research about latex, memory foam, hybrids, innerspring, water beds, air beds, etc. You’ll find one entirely fit for your preferences.

  • Budget

Setting the price of how much you want to spend with your mattress and stick to it will help you decide on your purchase.

  • Brand Reputation 

There’s a great reason why some brands are famous, and some are not. Most popular brands have an established reputation of providing value over the product that they offer.

  • Warranty And Refund

The brand’s support system matters and is defined with its product warranty. Check for a mattress with more extended warranty coverage or refund policy options.

How To Find The Best Mattress

Once you determine what you need, you might want to consider a few important factors alongside your mattress hunt:

  • Innerspring mattresses have a bouncy and firmer feel.
  • Memory foam mattresses have less spring, plus it offers adequate pressure relief.
  • Determine if you like a plush top, fiberfill, or quilted ticking.
  • Air beds allow you to adjust the air via remote controls.
  • Check your sleeping position to determine the firmness of your mattress.
  • Don’t forget about your partner’s sleeping preferences.
  • Do you have allergies? Check the materials used for construction.

Be sure to check out great options like as well.


Keep in mind that the mattress has a massive part of your well-being. Plus you’ll spend more  time with your bed than most of your furniture inside the house. Buying a new mattress is considered a significant investment.

Ensure that you invest with comfort and the right support system to provide quality sleep and improve well-being.

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