How to choose a tallit: Here’s the guide


The tallit is bought before a wedding or before a bar mitzvah. While Sephardim usually buy a tallit for a bar mitzvah boy, Ashkenazis usually wrap themselves in a tallit only from the day of the wedding.

If you know exactly what you need – you can enter directly into the order. If not – you should read before ordering a tallit. When you want to buy a tallit, you can go for the good old and familiar without getting involved. Buy the standard tallit – with black/white stripes. Consult about the extent, and that’s it. The more you look for information before buying, the less likely you are to buy the wrong talit. So, keep reading!

But if you are already buying a tallit (and tallit is not cheap …) you can invest thought in several areas;

Wool – Most people buy a wool tallit. Most of the arbitrators’ opinions are that one should wrap oneself in a tallit made of wool. Therefore, the most common tallit is a tallit called “wool AA.”

There are two companies in the world of prayer shawls today. Titania is the oldest company in them, and Mishkan Hatchelet is a new (relatively) company. Both companies have lovely and elegant prayer shawls and are kosher under selected supervision. Titania has enjoyed many years of experience there, even though the “Blue Tabernacle” has already become a thing in itself. Alongside these two companies, there are galleries or smaller companies, which produce silk prayer shawls or which add hand-dyeing and crowns to the prayer shawls of the two leading companies. They can be found in Jewish stores.


Still, if you buy a new tallit, you should find out the dimensions of the old tallit and order a new tallit according to the size of the old tallit. The tallit should cover most of the back of the body.

The size of the prayer shawls is as follows:

-The tallit number is a measure
– 45 (standard size for a bar mitzvah groom)
– 50
– 55
– 60 (standard size for an adult)
– 70

Color. The traditional striped colors of the prayer shawls are black (Ashkenazi) or blue/white (Eastern ethnicity). Today, many different shades of color can be found in synagogues.

There are currently several added types of prayer shawls.

A light tallit:

Whose weaving method is different and, therefore, also lighter in weight.

Beit Yosef :

A tallit that is prepared according to the method of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef – the entire tallit is made of Rachel’s wool.

A tallit crossword puzzle whose weaving is done in a lighter technique. It is more comfortable on the body, and the shape of the fabric is reminiscent of a crossword puzzle.

Whatever talit you choose, make sure you only choose the ones made from quality ingredients. As a reference for you, we recommend that you buy from Jewish shopping websites that you can find easily with just a few clicks.

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