How to choose wireless electric dog fence?


On this page you will find information about electronic dog fences. We hope this guide will allow you to find out if owning an electronic dog fence is the right choice for you and your pet. Below you will find the benefits of owning an electronic fence system along with the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The simple  benefit of being able look out at your yard without seeing a fence is one of the main reasons why people purchase electronic dog fences. Electronic dog fences are invisible and still keep your dog securely contained within safety of your own property.
  • Homes with zoning guidelines that prohibit fences in your front yard also benefit from having an electronic fence.
  • A dog can not jump over, crawl under or chomp their way through an electronic fence system. With a properly installed fence system and a properly trained dog, you will never have to worry about your dog escaping from your home.
  • The price of an electric fence system is considerably lower than installing a physical fence. With just a few hundred dollars and a weekends worth of work, you can have a top of line best wireless dog fence installed around your yard.


Owning an electronic fence system is not for everyone. Make sure you read and fully understand the bullet points below.

Proper training

Without proper training of your dog, a wireless fence system will never work correctly. With just a few weeks and couple minutes out of your day, your dog can be trained to use the system properly.

  • Aggressive dogs
    There are some cases where aggressive dogs disregard the correction given by the collar and run right through the “invisible” fence. This could be a threat to other people if an aggressive dog is out in the loose. If you have an aggressive dog, it is recommended that you have both a physical and electronic fence system installed.
  • Pregnant dogs
    You should never start training a dog to use an electric fence system if she is pregnant. Wait till your dog is back to normal health before you risk injury not only to her but her puppies as well.

Types of Electric Dog Fences

In-ground Electric Dog Fence – Considered to be the most effective and efficient system on the market to this day. Uses wires to customize the containment area that you wish to contain your dog to.

Wireless Electric Dog Fence – This is a wireless system, which is the easiest of all systems to install. However, the boundary area has a circular range and not efficient for yards with steep slopes and drop-offs.

Contain and Train System – These also incorporate a remote training feature that includes a remote hand-held transmitter that allow the owner to apply correction when in the containment and outside the containment area.

Indoor Electric Dog Fence – The indoor systems are designed especially for indoor use. They can also be used outdoors, but are not as effective for use as an outdoor device.

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