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Sometimes, it is good to learn how to clean car seat stains. Spills usually happen, leaving your car with unsightly spots on its interior parts. The only one excellent method to keep your car from these spills is to keep drinks off your car.

But this is unrealistic because we always like having quick snacks and drinks inside our cars. However, there are several ways to keep off your vehicle from beverage and other accidental stains. Therefore, it is good to understand how to remove stains from your car seats.

Based on the type of your car seats, below are some of the homemade and manufactured stain removers that you can use. This is because we have some car seats that are full of leather seats and other cloth material. Below are ways you can use to remove stains from your car seats.

Ways to remove stains from car seats

As I have introduced above, removing stains from car depends on what material is the seat built of, i.e. leather and cloth. Therefore am going to describe how you can remove stains from car seat using different ways;

Home cleaning of cloth car seat cars

1. Vacuuming the car seats

Before you begin the cleaning process, you should try to remove all crumbs, dirt and debris. Vacuum your car seats thoroughly till you reach the seam. Separate the seam by the use of your finders then stick the vacuum nozzle to the seams to get rid of any free debris.

2. Use a cleaning solution

Apply a light coat of cleaning detergent on the place you want to clean by spraying. Repeat spraying 4-5 times on the seat, and this ensures that the place you are spraying doesn’t saturate.

3. Use a hand brash/toothbrush with rough fibre to scrub the area you want to clean.

Clean the area you sprayed and stop moving to other places when you have not brushed the current place. Immediately brush the sprayed area to prevent the solution from getting dry on the place.

4. Use a microfiber towel to wipe dirty suds

Here, try to massage the cloth to bring dirt on the surface of the cloth seat then wipe gathered dirt suds using a microfiber towel. Do this before dirt gets back to the seat. Make sure the microfiber is clean, so avoid the addition of dirt on the seat.

5. Repeat the process until the seat is clean

Spray, massage then wipe the seat again until it is clean. Remember to apply the solution, which is very important before you brush.

6. Vacuum again

Go back to step one by creating a vacuum to the area you want to clean. This is crucial to dry remaining wet saturation that might have been accumulated on the area. Give your seats time to dry before driving.

Use of other alternative fabric cleaners

Try to use a laundry detergent

Below are some of the best detergents suitable for use as car seat stain removers

Use hot water to mix the detergent.

Here, you may spray or use a sponge to damp the detergent on the area you wish to clean. Use cold water with a microfiber towel to rinse your laundry detergent. Remove excess water; scrub the place you want to clean to remove detergent and dirt.

Try club soda

Club soda may remove debris on your cloth car seats. Apply a light coat of club soda on the area you wish to clean then remove the stain by brushing. Repeat the process and wipe the excess coming on the surface of your seat. This method removes vomit stains excellently.

Use a solution prepared from baking soda

Baking soda can be useful in removing unpleasant smells from cloth car seats. Apply a light coat of the solution of baking powder on the car seats then brushes the area using a toothbrush. For difficult stains, wait for about a half an hour then continue brushing. Wipe the stains using a clean towel.

Use distilled white vinegar

Vinegar can be used to create fabric cleaner. Use 4 litres of hot water with 250 mL of vinegar plus dish soap’s drops. Dampen the solution on the seat and clean the place using a brush. Rinse the solution using clean water then remove any stain using a microfiber towel.

How to remove stains from leather car seats

Vacuum, this helps you remove debris and dirt that are caused by crevices. Do it carefully because to avoid scratches on the seat. You may use an air compressor if you don’t have any scratching tool.

Use a cleaning solution; apply a coat of a cleaning solution on the dirty area. Check perforated areas to clear water.

Remove stain. Spray your cleaning solution directly on the seat surface. Try to test the solution in one place. If the stains are robust, use a small bristled brush to get rid of stains. If this process succeeds, you can now apply the solution to all parts of the car seat. For stubborn stains, wait for a few minutes then start brushing.

Rubbing and wiping; use a little water and damp cloth. Use a microfiber towel to dry your leather car seat. Continue kneading until it is almost dry. However, repeat steps three and four for stubborn stains.

Apply leather conditioner to prevent your leather car seat from cracking and losing its color.

Frequently asked question on how to clean car seat stains

1. How can one avoid stains on cloth car seats?

Immediately clean stains and spills when they occur. This is an essential way to avoid stains on your car seats. Do so also to debris that may cause stains like blood, grease or blood.

2. What is the best solution for cleaning a car seat?

A solution created from a mixture of vinegar drops, drops of dish soap and hot water is the best to remove stains from car seats. Apply the mixture on the seat and scrub the area using a brush. Rinse the solution using clean water and then wipe off dirty suds using a microfiber towel.


The above ways on how to remove stains from a car seat are straightforward to put in practice. Hopefully, by now, you are capable of cleaning your car seats using the above different ways.

Remember, understanding how to remove stains from car seats prolongs their lifespan and make them look shiny and new. More so, stubborn stains that may result from bleaching, food, greasing and ink may be difficult to remove. If you experience such, I urge you to seek professional help

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