How to Create a Vlog

Blogging has been around for many years, and on the internet, you will see millions of blogs that are created by dedicated bloggers that want to share their experiences about different hobbies and activities. There are even some bloggers that provide tips about different aspects of life, as well as recipes for delicious dishes and delicacies.

In recent years, the video format of blogging, also known as vlogging, is becoming more popular compared to the written format, as videos are easier for people to digest, and video clips would also make it easier for bloggers to show what they want their viewers to see.

For example, if the blogger wants to create a travel blog, it would be much easier for the blogger to show different tourist spots in a specific city or country through video clips rather than through texts and photos. The same can also be applied to complex topics like applying for a digital mortgage at BlueMortgage Finmo or availing the services of a law firm, as guides and processes would be much easier for you to show in video format.

So, not only is vlogging easier and faster for people to digest, but it is also much more convenient for bloggers to create. If you are going to start vlogging soon, you will need to learn about the various steps to follow in order to make a great vlog. To get you started, here are some details on how to create a vlog.

Choose Where to Start Your Vlog

managing a YouTube channel

The first thing you need to do before starting a vlog is to choose a platform on which you will upload your videos. There are many video streaming platforms for you to choose from on the internet, but two of the most popular vlogging platforms are YouTube and Facebook. If you want to get a wider reach for your vlog, YouTube may be the best platform to upload your videos.

However, because of how many videos there are on YouTube, you may have a difficult time finding traction for your vlog unless you advertise your channel or vlog through YouTube Ads, which is YouTube’s own advertising platform that allows different channels and companies to market their videos on the YouTube website or app. With YouTube Ads, your vlog posts or videos will appear in the recommended or suggested pages of other accounts or channels, which will then allow you to reach more viewers.

Pick a Niche or Theme

Once you have created an account on a video streaming platform, then it is time to pick a niche or theme for your vlog. This process is very important since it would help in creating your vlog’s identity, which would then allow your vlog to stand out among the rest. The theme for your vlog should be something that you love doing or creating, like hobbies, activities, food, etc.

If you are a person that loves collecting action figures and toys, then creating a toy-focused vlog may be perfect for you. You should create vlog posts or videos that you have plenty of knowledge or experience of, as your videos would be more helpful for your viewers. If you want to make vlogging a full-time job, you can check this website to learn if your reasons for changing jobs are justified.

If you are thinking of creating a travel vlog, you may read our tips to help you start your journey as a travel vlogger.

Use the Best Equipment

camera equipment for vlogging

In order to make high-quality videos, you will need to have the best equipment, which should consist of a nice camera, a stable tripod, and the proper tools needed to have proper lighting. Videos that are shot using low-quality cameras and equipment don’t really gain traction on YouTube, although there are a few of them that go viral depending on the algorithm of the platform.

But you just can’t rely on YouTube’s algorithm to make your channel or vlog popular, so you will need to have hard work and dedication in order to gain more viewers, and one of the things that you should work hard on is to save enough money to buy high-quality video equipment. Check the Analog Camera Company to find some of the best pieces of equipment for vlogging.

If you are going to shoot videos at home, then you would just need a good camera, microphone, and lighting equipment, and you will already produce great videos. However, if you have a travel vlog, it might be worth investing in a drone so that you can take aerial photos and videos of the places you visit. Another tool you should have for travel vlogging is a stabilizer, which would eliminate the shakiness of the camera while you are recording.

Prepare a Script

Preparing a script is essential if you want an organized vlog instead of having spontaneous ramblings in videos, which may not be appealing to a lot of viewers. An organized vlog that has a clear theme or subject is much better, as it would flow nicely, and it wouldn’t be confusing to watch. For example, if you have a vlog about a new product you are reviewing, you should already prepare a script for the unboxing portion of the video, as well as for the actual review where you are going to state the pros and cons of the product.

So, to have an organized vlog, you should have a script ready before shooting the video. Although there are some people that don’t like “scripted” vlogs, it is much better to have a script prepared instead of just saying what immediately comes to your mind, and sometimes what you’re saying isn’t even connected to the theme or subject of the video, which would then require you to edit a lot of parts out.

Respond to Comments

If you want to connect to your viewers, you should be able to respond to their comments. A simple “thank you” and “you’re welcome” are enough as replies to your viewers, but if there are questions that they want to ask you, you can provide them with answers if you actually have knowledge about the subject or topic of the questions. Responding to comments would enable you to have loyal viewers, as the people who view and comment on your videos would feel like you are an authentic person that truly wants to give the best content to your fans.

These are just a few of the simplest tips and steps we can provide for you to create a great vlog on YouTube and other video streaming platforms. Always be consistent in uploading high-quality content, and you will surely gain more and more viewers as your vlog gets bigger.