How To Curl Your Hair?

Although straight hair has become a trend in recent decades as curls, the 80s are making a comeback, and all kinds of curls that have filled that fabulous decade are also making a comeback. We have already mentioned it in the article on how to make a hairstyle for straight hair. But what doesn’t come back is the taste of perm. Not only is it expensive, slow, and heavy for those who do perm, it contains a lot of chemicals that can damage your hair a lot.

How to Curl Hair

Curling your hair with an iron is one of the simplest and most effective options, and you can choose whether you want to make an interesting savings in your household economy at the hairdresser, and it offers obvious advantages over other methods, such as: The curls obtained in this way are not permanent (though you may see it as a drawback) and depending on how you use the plate, you can do a variety of hairstyles without changing the tools.

Curling hair is possible with all hair styling straighteners, but it should be borne in mind that there are straighteners specifically marked for curling hair and there are basically three types.

A tubular iron that is used the same as a flat iron, but adjusts to the curve of the curl:

  • Molding irons with accessories for different types of curling.
  • Flat iron for straight hair with integrated accessory iron for styling.

However, since the iron that most people have is the smooth one, the following instructions will focus on the use of this type of appliance (which can be substituted for tweezers if you are looking for a very small or closed curl or if you don’t you know how to handle the large iron well).

The first thing to keep in mind before starting beauty tips is that your iron will get hot. That is, you need to be careful not to burn yourself. In addition, certain precautions must be observed so as not to damage the hair, such as applying heat without stopping on the same hair more than necessary. Protector on the hair. Before use, ask someone else for help with the back of your head, especially if you have long hair. It is better to use a ceramic plate instead of a metal plate that gets hotter.

Now some home remedies: Here are the steps you need to follow to make perfect curls with a flat iron:

  • Before starting the hair must be completely dry, and preferably straight. If it is wet or damp it will not take shape, while if it is already wavy or curly it will be more difficult to give it uniformity.
  • In case you have just washed your hair, take advantage of the fact that you have to dry it with the dryer and straighten it to add some type of mousse or foam that gives it volume.
  • Preheat the iron to the minimum temperature necessary. The required temperature depends on the amount of hair in each lock and the strength of the hair, since fragile or very fine hair can burn more easily.

Apply thermal protector

  • Divide the hair into sections and comb it well so that it is smooth and detangled. The ideal is to make the part where you usually wear it and then separate it into layers that we will hold at the top of the head with some type of tweezers.
  • Finally, there are many options, so you need to decide what type of curl you want to make.
  • Wavy at the ends: starting from medium length (over the ears for medium-length hair, and the nape of the neck for long hair), with the iron closed over the hair, turning itself on until the hair is formed. U. Then slide the iron in the same position towards the end of the hair. Depending on the speed of the movement, some distinct waves appear.
  • Cork screw: Take each strand from the end and turn on the iron until the entire strand is twisted. In this case, you can keep the iron slightly open so that heat can also be transferred to the hair surrounding it. Place the iron vertically and slowly loosen your hair.
  • Slight ripples (hair with marks): With a small iron or flat tweezers, repeatedly take each strand from a different height and turn the iron with the hair you grabbed each time. The hair is slightly marked on the area where the pressure is applied, and the rest is smooth. This form is best suited for short, straight or medium length hair.
  • Curling all over the hair: Take out each lock from the root and turn it on itself, just like curling the ends with the iron closed. Then push it in the direction of hair loss. The slower you slide, the more curls appear.

Everything here is to experiment. Some degree of rotation of the iron, a certain degree of tightening, and a certain amount of rapid progress will result in curls of different sizes and consistency, each of which you need to know which type of hair is best for you. Depending on the type of hair, you may need a hairspray or fixative to form curls or to maintain curls. You can apply makeup before ironing, not after ironing.