How to Do Diamond Painting


The world always seems brighter when you have just made something that wasn’t there before and when you put diamonds in it becomes priceless”, that is what we are on the belief. In contemporary times, Art has flourished and paving ways for new techniques, diamond painting is a newly emerging technique of painting and it has taken the genre of art to the new levels.

What is Diamond Painting?

Are you thinking that you must be working with some kind of paints made out of diamonds? Or,

You are confused between the interrelation of art and diamonds? Or, it seems something lavish to you?

To answer the question, what is diamond painting? Diamond painting is a kind of mosaic work in which the painter uses small diamonds, or you better call it rhinestones, onto a sticky canvas and complete a painting that ends up in a sparking piece of art.

It has become so popular among the people who have aesthetic sense. Another reason for its preeminence is; it is quite easy, both for the crafters and armatures as well. There is no rocket science that keeps anyone away from making his own dazzling piece.

Sparkling beauty unwinds your stress

If you are looking for hobbies to spend leisure time with productivity, play and explore with a diamond painting, while working on a brightly pigmented canvas, filling it with lustrous resins, it will drag you into a relaxing mood, disencumbering uninvited thoughts and leaving stress off the shoulder. It gives focus and clarity of mind.

Intensify Focus and Flicker Creativity

It is logically a therapy for mind. By following the specific patterns, it trains the mind to focus on the centre without wandering. In the long run, it is a practice of the brain to get strength along with polishing creativity.

Increases social bonding

It works like a blessing for those who are confined in homes and can’t socialize freely. To get rid of the depression of loneliness, diamond painting helps like a merciful saint. To work with glittery stones and exhibit on different social platforms and internet groups, receive appreciation and see your work get acknowledgement, all seems like a dream to them.

How to do Diamond Painting?

It sounds difficult for those who have not any knowledge regarding diamond painting. It is quite similar to paint by numbers or you work on cross-stitch canvas. Here, what is different? Instead of paints, you have to work with crystals like flat- surface stones. The cutting of their edged and the material used in its manufacturing is raisin. It is full of interest and creativity for many of them. It is not a big deal. Even your first piece can be a masterpiece. You don’t need to spend years learning this technique because it provides you what it needs. What you have to do is, buy a ‘painting kit’ that includes;

  • A pigmented canvas
  • Rhinestones of required tinges
  • Painting pen with a bit flat tip
  • Wax or glue to rub on pen tip
  • A tray to keep the diamonds in it

How to do Diamond Painting 2

Buy a ‘Painting Kit’

You should buy Diamond painting kits from the trusted sellers as there shouldn’t be any compromise on the quality. What if after spending a long hour at work, your work does not fascinate you in the end. Standard of diamonds and the quality of other objects included in the kit matters a lot. It should be as glamorous as it sounds.

Buy a ‘Painting Kit’

Apprehend the Canvas

The canvas is designed in such a crafty way that leads you to complete the work in a systematic way. What you have to do is, puzzle out the numbers, symbol or the letters, same like you see on any cross-stitch canvas. Make the colors of diamonds in correspondence to the symbol. For crafters help, all the colors of drills and symbols are provided, on any side of the chart.

Tape up the Corners

Spread out the canvas on a flat surface of something, better to be a table and fix its corners so that it could not stumble during work.

Spill the Drills

Pour the instructed color drills into the tray and place them gently onto the symbols.

Fling off the Plastic cover

The pre-glued canvas is protected with a plastic sheet, flinging it off slowly. You don’t need to strip it away thoroughly to keep the glue from drying-up, just peel a little area of maximum 2 inches and get your work done here

Use of Wax

Take the pen tool out and dip its tip into the gel. It will help to grip the diamond and will not let it fall. Some kits come with gel pencils, you just have to sharpen it after a while some manufacturers design a bit flatten tip that picks up 3 stones at a time, but this also has to be glued or waxed.

Pick the Diamond

With the help of a gel pen, pick the diamond and press it on the canvas gently. Intense pressure can spread the glue on the top of the stone that can dim its shine.

Work in Sections

Just like the first part, keep peeling small sections of plastic sheet and fixing the stones on the symbols and complete the painting.

Fix the Gem

After completing the work, spray Modge Podge to seal the diamonds and keep them shiny.

Stack some Burden

Cover the canvas with a sheet and put it under your mattress or put some books on its surface to adhere the diamonds fastly. Leave it overnight.

Display your creativity

How would you leave long hours of intense effort goes unappreciated? The best way to get applause for your work is to show this canvas on the wall of your living room.

FAQs about Diamond Painting

We are listing a few questions that are frequently asked by people:

Size of Canvas

It is a kind of mosaic art. So, bigger in size, more in detail. Larger canvas gives a clear look of the motif.

Square or Round Drills

Square drills give a more filled and jotted look of the work while it’s easy for the amateurs to start with the around ones because they feel at ease in picking and placing them on the canvas. The flaw is the round drills leave space between them because of their round edges.

Square or Round Drills

3D and 5D Diamonds

The difference between 3d and 5d diamonds is the number of their facets. Diamonds with more facets shine better.

How to use Wax Kit?

Peel the cover, dip the tip into the wax until it gets all wet and pick the diamond. Easier than rolling off a log.

What if the canvas gets Dry?

Use an adhesive spray on canvas

Pre glue the diamond

What to do with this Painting now?

Frame your work and hang it in your house or office. Don’t you want to feel proud of yourself? You can call yourself an artist now…

“Being creative is not a hobby; it’s a way of life. Spending time in creative way and land up with an ornate legacy; what else one can desire for”

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