How to effectively manage fleet maintenance


Managing your fleet is an essential part of the business. The driver and vehicles are a resource that adds up to your revenue, sales, and productivity. Thus, it would help if you concentrated on qualitative measures that assure you value for the investment made. Fleet management entails all procedures that add up to the coordination and organization of vehicles owned by the organization aiming at improving their efficiency, reduce cost, and also continuous productivity both in inbound and outbound logistics that the organization undertakes.

A fleet manager is in charge of all proceedings involved in fleet management with the help of all his subordinates. The actions, procedures, and decisions required include the following:

Fleet maintenance software

Technology has helped make tracking your fleet management process easier businesses. Fleet maintenance software is used to analyze vehicles and the maintenance it has undertaken. This ensures that you know the next service dates, detect intentional driver errors or mishandling plus know when you need to replace any equipment or part of your vehicle.

Some drivers will take advantage of the fact that they can quickly reap from requesting breakdown money while on transit. However, once you have a fleet maintenance software with an issue tracker, you can know if the vehicle broke down due to an issue that needed to be attended to before or the driver is taking advantage to pocket some cash. The software will ensure you can have service and maintenance dates for your vehicle; thus, no unscheduled repairs needed except those that are indeed necessary.

Keep records

Records give you an insight into things that you have done weekly, monthly, and yearly when it comes to fleet maintenance from FleetPal connect. These records need to be both physical and soft copies that you can easily retrieve when you need to make decisions. Record keeping will also ensure that you keep track of cost by knowing which vehicles and drivers are performing well compared to others by minimizing expenses in terms of mileage and repair services needed.

Funds will only be allocated to you as a fleet manager if you have records of what you do and provide evidence that there is a need for them. Fleet managers will also need records of individual driver’s participation in the movement of goods and items by the business showing how well they maintained the vehicles. Such documents should be used for appraisals giving the drivers motivation to be better in fleet management and indulge in the maintenance of the vehicle since they feel appreciated. Fleet managers are also responsible for the effective use of global dispatch management services and platforms, for example OutBidPro, which helps you improve your bidding. You’ll be able to bid more in much less time, while staying organized and one step ahead of the competitors.


Insurance assists you relieve yourself from the financial burden and stress attached to the maintenance of your fleet. Your potential clients will need assurance that you are professional in what you do and will do a background check if you have insurance for your fleet. Insurance allows you to have a party that offers financial assistance when it comes to accidents and other issues in maintenance while moving goods.

There are various insurance options for you as a fleet manager you can opt for, but the best fit is that that is reliable and cost-saving because you need to minimize expenses and still be productive as much. Most fleet managers may assume that insurance may not be crucial, but once a breakdown happens while on transit, you will need to tow the services that insurance companies can offer and still handle the maintenance for you.

Fleet GPS

Tracking your vehicle’s location is essential. The fleet maintenance software allows you to detect the next service required, such as oil changes and brake pad replacement, but if a breakdown happens while goods are on transit, you need to locate the exact point the vehicle is. A fleet GPS needs to be manned at all times by your security personnel who is attached to the fleet team.

It also allows you to know the routes used by the drivers in case you want to know any mischievous acts that may be happening. You should use a GPS tracker that can be synced to all vehicles while on route to monitor them once they leave for transit. The GPS should also have dispatch, departure, and arrival interface because you need to know where the goods are being taken, by which vehicle and when they are back to the warehouse or organization. Infiniti Tracking can help you understand more about what you need with your fleet tracking and fleet management.

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