How to Feng Shui a Bedroom – Holistic Healing for your Home

We all love our rooms, don’t we? It is our ultimate comfort-zone. A place to relax, romance, read, rest, and more. So, since we spend a significant chunk of our time at home in our rooms, why not make it better spiritually? I am talking about feng shui to make sure you spread some positive vibes.

For those of you, who are unaware of all the magical benefits attached to feng shui and what exactly it means, let me explain. Also known as the Chinese geometry, feng shui is an ancient Chinese pseudoscientific traditional practice that promotes a flow of energy and harmonizes individuals with their environment. There are several advantages attached to this ancient practice, and they are;

  • Improves the flow of energy (chi)

  • Creates a harmonious environment

  • Ensure productivity

  • Helps enhance luck

  • Avoids negativity

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make any drastic changes to your room but just the right ones. Are you ready? Then, let’s find out more about how to feng shui a bedroom.

The Right Position For Your Bed

The Right Position For Your Bed 

Let’s say you have a California king-size bed, which is 76 by 80 inches. Now, this is a straightforward step and doesn’t require any investment, just a little bit of effort. Make sure you place your bed in such a way that the headboard is against a solid wall, and there is ample space on the remaining three sides. If you can, avoid placing the headboard close to a wall with a toilet on the other side. You must also ensure that the door doesn’t open in line with the bed, and you don’t end up sleeping facing your door. Sounds good? Following this easy remedy can do a lot of good.

There Should Be Nothing Under

What you keep under your cot plays a significant role here. It can adversely affect your subconscious mind and create negative blocks in life. So, if you have letters from your ex, shoes, or even luggage, they can all hamper your current state. Therefore, declutter the storage you have under your bed and move it elsewhere. Keep the area below the bed clean and free of any items. This will ensure a free flow of energy when you rest and have healing effects when you sleep.

You Need A Bed With A Headboard

Today, there various kinds of bed and mattress types for different sleepers. However, to make sure the feng shui works, invest in a headboard. Why? Because a solid headboard represents a stable romantic relationship and support in life. So, even if you have a bare platform bed, you can separately buy a headboard and secure it correctly and let feng shui do its job.

Limit The Usage Of Electronics

Limit The Usage Of Electronics

The electric magnetic fields created by electronic devices or even the wires are not only harmful to us but can also hamper the quality of your sleep. And, I think most of us are guilty of decorating our rooms with chargers and other cables in this day and age. Yes, I understand you cannot get completely rid of it, but you can minimize it. Also, maybe you can limit the number of gadgets you have in your room too. This way, you end up sleeping like a baby and wake up with a positive aura to ensure that you embark on a productive day.

Remove The Toxic

Just like we detoxify our bodies every now and then, you must do the same with your room too. How can you do that? It is actually effortless! First, make sure all the cleaning products you use are chemical-free and organic. Second, make sure the sheets, blankets, and even the sleepwear you use are organic. Finally, you can make use of a diffuser with sweet orange oil to cleanse the environment.

Everything In Pairs

So, in feng shui, it is essential that you do things in pairs. Don’t get confused. What I mean by this is that in order to promote a healthy and harmonious life, you need two of each in your bedroom, like two nightstands, two pillows, two lamps, etc. Yes, basically, you decorate your room for two people even if you are single, and it can enhance good vibes in your space.

Avoid Mirrors In Front Of Bed

If you have a mirror in the room, it shouldn’t face the bed as it will not only lead to disturbed sleep, but it is also believed that it can bring in a third person in your marriage or relationship. So, make sure the mirror faces something you love, other than yourself and your partner.

Avoid Mirrors In Front Of Bed

Too Many Plants

Plants are good. Plants are great. But in feng shui, too many plants in the bedroom are frowned upon as their energy can overpower the relaxing environment you are trying to create. There limit it to a couple of plants, and if you must, decorate your living room with greenery.

So, these were a few feng shui tips to help convert your room into your relaxing sanctuary. Hence, give these tips a try and enjoy a burst of positive energy.