How to Fix Barber Chair Hydraulics


In salons, when you have a load of customers and you are worried for how to fix a barber chair Hydraulics, definitely, it would be the most cumbersome moment, as a service provider.

No doubt, you bought such a luxurious article for his station to provide the supreme satisfaction to the customer.

We understand your concerns and are available here to resolve the problems related to the hydraulics of your barber chair.

You might face the following issues with the Hydraulic Chair Repair:

  • Leakage of Hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hindrance to Lock chair, in a fixed position using trill.
  • Difficult to lift chair using the trail.
  • Chair won’t go down using the trill.
  • Chair won’t pivot around.
  • Squeaking sound problem.
  • Involuntary lowering of chair.

In particular, either of these issues might annoy your customer which would have a direct decline in your business productivity.

Dear Reader, in our article, we would try to specialize you, fix these issues on your own. Ultimately, you would become more independent for troubleshooting your equipments.

Understanding and Troubleshooting your Hydraulic Chair:

Of course, you are committed to your customer, and along services, your utmost efforts are to provide your client, ultimate comfort.

That’s the reason, you made a posh expenditure on the hydraulic chair. By the same token, you should be self-sufficient to maintain and troubleshoot the equipment. Henceforth, you need to understand the parts, their functionality and handling these parts.

Generally, a hydraulic chair has these main components:

  • Base of the chair
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Middle shaft
  • Under chair bracket
  • Foot rest
  • Arm Rest
  • Head Rest
  • Seat and back

Furthermore, you might know which oils, or lubricants which you would need for troubleshooting your issues regarding hydraulic chair.

Also, you might have proper tools, like:

  • Size 14 and 17 wrench or adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Rubber melon hammer
  • Insulation tape
  • Gloves

If you are properly equipped with tools accordingly; and know how to fix barber chair, you might save your time and would properly attend your customer. Also No doubt! The customer is your ultimate preference!

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Of course, now after you have gathered the knowledge regarding your hydraulic chair, you need to diagnose the dis-functioning you are facing and then take necessary actions, appropriately.

  • Firstly, we would guide you to dismantle different parts. As this is a part of understanding your equipment.
  • Further, re-assembly of the chair would be done in the opposite fashion.
  • Then, you would be able to resolve your barber chair affair on your own. Hence, we would guide you the step, you require to make your chair work properly.

Hopefully the following guidelines would help you to perform the step-by-step recompense! In actuality, you would learn fixing a barber chair Hydraulics!

How to Dismantle the Chair?

  • Removing the Seat, is different in different chairs. Still, the basics are almost same.

 In most chairs, you just need to pull the seat hard enough, so it becomes depleted from the middle shaft. Also, you might use melon hammer for this purpose. It’s pretty easy!

Some chairs have complex assembly. Therefore, you need to firstly remove the seat cushion, then unscrew it from the top. Then, rest it on the floor and unscrew the under chair bracket. Hence, the seat would easily separated from the rest.

  • To Remove the Base, lay your chair on the floor. Take out the safety clip. Now, you can easily hammer the shaft of the middle cylinder, easily.

Diagnoses and Treatments for Hydraulics in Barber Chair

Finally, you have been qualified to handle the glitches of your hydraulic chair. All, you need to identify the shortfall and go ahead as a mentor. Hopefully, you would understand fixing barber chair Hydraulics further below.

  • If you are facing the problem in lifting your chair, you might be facing the oil deficit in the hydraulic pump.

Firstly bring the chair to its lowest position using the trill. Then, unscrew the cover of the pump, where you can see the cap of the oil reservoir.

Unscrew the cap! Add oil using the funnel till the indicated mark. Again, screw the cap loose.

Push the trill twice or thrice up and down, so the excess oil and any bubbles might escape from the reservoir through the loosely screwed opening.

Now, put the cover on the hydraulic cylinder back and screw it as before!

  • When you find hard to Lift or Move the Trill of the Hydraulic Cylinder, you need to remove the seat, first. Unscrew the cover and then use tape to hold the pump with the midshaft.

Unscrew the outer nut using size 14 wrench and tighten the inner not too tight. Place the spacer and put the outer nut back and screw it fast.

Now check the functioning of the pump. If the pump is not staying up, tight the nut closest to the pump or the pump is not moving at all loosen the nut.

  • If you are facing Squeaking Sound, you would have to lubricate the parts of the chair after dismantling them as required.
  • For Leakage of Oil, firstly, you need to check the cap and seals of the reservoir in the hydraulic press. If you find the nut loose, you just need to screw it tight. For torn seals, replace them.

Replacement of Hydraulic Cylinder

Yet, the problem persists!

What to do now?

Replacement of Hydraulic Cylinder is recommended for nearly all the issues, including Sinking of Chair.

Hence, you need not to replace the Salon Chair Hydraulic Pump Parts. Rather, you would swap the whole pump.

Just you need Dismantle the Chair, unscrew the faulty hydraulic cylinder. Then screw the new one as the previous.

Basically, most of the chairs have same assembly, with a little variation.

So, it would be very easy for you to understand the assembly to unscrew and then screw the components.

Simply, to fix barber chair Hydraulics is now no longer a hurdle in your business activities!


After discussing all the basics for how to fix barber chair Hydraulics, hopefully, you might feel independent to manage and troubleshoot the related issues.

Whether your chair makes squeaks, won’t lift up/ go down; or hydraulic cylinder leaks. No need to get frustrated, you are a good mentor.

Get Ready!

You might be well-equipped with the toolbox for troubleshooting such issues which candidly affect your performance. Definitely, hydraulic chair provides you the exact posture according to the services you might provide your customer.

Now, you won’t need to worry about “Salon Equipment Repair Near Me”! Your client deserves, your utmost attention!

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