How To Get The Right Curtain Singapore Set

Curtain Singapore sets are like the coats of interior design: They’re commonly the last thing you add, however they can clothe an area up or down. Similar to a tailored coat can provide a component of class or a jean jacket can make a social outfit laid-back, a full drape includes beauty to a space while a straightforward Roman shade keeps things streamlined.

Examine the Room and Your Requirements

Because window treatments are typically the last consideration in an area, take a look at the colour palette, prevailing structures, and general aesthetic you currently have. As an example, if you really did not truly add in too much pattern, this may be a terrific application for some subtle pattern play. Do you have a nude adoring heart? Then perhaps you desire your curtains to mix right into the wall surfaces with a comparable colour or a few tones darker. On the other side of the spectrum, a strong, contrasting color or tone will be a spotlight point and attract a lot of interest to your home window location.

Is the space much more formal? Then selecting a fabric in a silk or velvet might be the means to go. For something a little bit much more casual we love cotton blends or linen. The very best thing to remember whatever situation you are in is to produce balance– your drape selection must enhance your current space just like any other furniture piece or adornment.

Likewise take into consideration your lighting requirements. Does the room require added privacy, light control, or perhaps some insulation? Consider curtains– select larger textiles like velvet or something that has a good lining to block out the sunlight and shield. Or else, a semi-transparent curtain is a great choice if you need to allow more light in while still obtaining that decorative touch!

Measuring drape dimensions


To get a precise dimension, it is best to make use of a wood ruler or a steel tape. Measure the full size of the post utilizing the ruler. You need not count the finials but represent the overlapping mid-point where you will attract the curtains to close.


When getting eyelet, you should measure the drop of your curtain beginning with the top of the pole. Make sure that the curtain does not fall short at the bottom

Bear in mind to determine 1 centimeters over the home window sill and 1 cm below for a good fit. If you are using floor-sized drapes, measure till 1 cm over the floor to get a wonderful and tidy finish.


Maintainability is once again an element that you should think about while selecting a curtain. If you are purchasing the sets that just needs dry cleaning, vacuum cleaning, etc. and you can not spend so much time & cash regularly to get it done, don’t go with them. Go for those pieces which can be cleaned in your washing devices & doesn’t require special care.