How to Get Verification on Instagram in 2021 (Easy steps to follow)


Ever wondered about the blue check-mark right after your favorite Instagram names? Ever asked yourself the importance of the blue check-mark? Have you ever desired to get the checkmark and tried throughout but failed? Well, the mark is a status symbol for verified accounts. People, brands, and businesses with this badge mean they are authentic.

An online reputation management software tool is helpful in accounts verification.

Before 2019, it was hard to apply for the blue verification checkmark. Instagram, by itself, did the process. The online management software verified Instagram accounts that reach a certain threshold.

Why the need for Instagram account verification?

The question of why some people get the blue mark still rings in people’s minds. But it’s a status symbol of a notable person or a business. Its main aim is to curb fake people. Also, copycats from impersonating well-known, influential accounts on social media.

The essence of online management software on Instagram is dealing with tasks efficiently. The tool helps verify the authentic accounts with ease. When searched, the top search results are the authentic ones.

Account verification is an outstanding tool for raising awareness of your brand. How is that possible? It is possible because verified accounts access the swipe up feature. The swipe up feature compliments an interactive experience. The feature asks users to swipe up to get more information about your brand, products, and services.

How brands enjoy Instagram verification

The blue checkmark is essential since customer experience also matters. Instagram account verification maintains brand credibility. It distinguishes itself from impostors who have copied the real brand features. Note that imposters could mislead the customers.

When customers search for a brand, many options of brands bearing the same title pop out. This can cause the customer to have a tough time identifying the real brand. The authentic brand with the blue mark will top the search list. The online management software makes it distinguished. There can now be a difference between real and fake brands. This will enable the customer to distinguish a legit brand from a fake one. The customer will appreciate the efforts to help him find the real brand. The brand will be visible and recognized due to a checkmark.

Can I get verified on Instagram?

Yes, verification is possible, and in fact, you can apply for the blue checkmark now. Way before, it was impossible or hard to get verification on Instagram. No one knew the criteria used for the verification. Out of nowhere, a blue check would appear next to your name. It was a mystery then, but now Instagram has made it public to clarify the mystery.

Stakes for verification

Adhering to the terms of service of Instagram and its community guidelines are not enough. Other stakes take into consideration for you to get the blue mark. Being a public figure, a celebrity, or a global brand is not enough to grant you the blue checkmark. You also need to be real by stating who you are.

Possessing a single account per person or business is eligible for verification. An exception is allowable when a person or a firm has many accounts in different languages.

You must have a public status since your account is visible to every person. This is a reason why a large number of followers is a rule when approving verification. All followers must be genuine and not bought from third-party apps.

Your account has to be completed on the face of it. You’ll achieve completeness by providing your detail, including bio details, uploading your profile photo, and having a post.

The last take, you must be a highly searched person or brand, indicating you are a profile person or brand. One might still wonder how long the verification process takes. It does not take a long duration to get verification of your Instagram account. However, there is no set limit for verification. The work of the online management system is to lessen the complex projects and tasks like this one. It is achievable through team cooperation, collaboration, and proper project reporting.

Clues to get verified on Instagram

Requesting for verification is not rocket science, as you might think. It is a simple process which you will have to follow. Here is how you can request a confirmation on Instagram.

  • Visit the app and go to your profile. On your top right corner, there is a three-bar menu icon.
  • There is a setting icon looking like a little gear. Tap on it and click on the account.
  • Tap the account icon and scroll down near the bottom, and tap on request verification.
  • From here, providing vital information is mandatory. These are details like your full name, professional name, and category.
  • Upload a legally issued image of your identification document. You can also upload business documents for your business account as an alternative.

The last step is to press send when the application is complete and hope for the best. Currently, there is no determined duration on when verification of account will be. But upon approval, Instagram will notify you on the app.

If you fail to get verification of your Instagram account after 30 days, then you can re-apply. Your profile picture should be your company logo with a resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. Another clue to get verification when re-applying is increasing your account visibility. An increase in account visibility increases your followers. Also, make your posts appear unique for users to distinguish them from others.

Instagram has become a new business strategy that attracts customers. Verification strengthens this new business strategy adopted. You should be aware that people will be searching for your brand. By acquiring the blue checkmark, it will be easy for your customers to find you. It is possible to verify your account all by yourself in these times. Your customers will have a smooth time tracing your brand, and this will build their trust in you. So, get verified to outshine your competitors by attracting more Instagram followers.

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