How to Hire Male Strippers for Your Bachelorette Party

Are you planning a bachelorette party for a friend, and you want to turn it up by hiring some male strippers? We have all the details you need to pull it off successfully. Let’s dive in! Learn how the best male strippers in Melbourne can add extraordinary excitement to any party.

Do this Before You Hire Male Strippers 

  1. Find out if they want a male stripper 

The first thing you should do before hiring a male stripper is to be sure that the bride-to-be would love having a male stripper perform. If you’re not sure, ask her. Secondly, consider other guests at the event and whether or not they will find a male stripper’s presence appealing or repulsive.

If possible, ask the girls who will be at the party to be sure they’re cool with it.

  1. Choose the kind/theme of stripper

Male strippers work with different themes and costumes, and choosing the right one is important to ensure a fun experience. Find out what kind of stripper your guests will like to see, whether a deliveryman, fireman, policeman, or other themes. You also need to consider physique and other physical features that the women will love to see and ensure the male stripper checks the boxes.

  1. Choose the right company

Several legitimate companies are offering male strippers for bachelorette and other parties. However, before you work with a company, ensure that they have a selection of strippers with pictures and features you can consider. All strippers should have their names and images on the official website. The more, the merrier.

You should be able to book male strippers in advance to be sure that their schedules are available to suit yours. Sometimes, you might need to book a month or more in advance to ensure that the stripper of your preference will be available.

To get the best companies around you, run searches online. For instance, you can search for ‘Atlanta Male Strippers For Hire’ and go through the search results to find companies offering this service.

  1. Know what to expect from a male stripper

The first thing to know is that a male stripper is a performer who doesn’t typically get paid by the hour. He will typically perform and only leaves at the end of the performance. However, he typically gets to decide when the performance ends, and you can generally extend his performance time by tipping your stripper with dollar bills during the performance.

You are now ready to get a male stripper

Most professional male strippers come with all they need, including a costume and music playlist. If your home or event location has a superior sound system than his portable one, then consider allowing him to play his music through that for superior sound.

Ensure that you have enough space for the male strippers to perform, and create a stage area if possible.

Always ask permission if you want to take pictures of your male strippers as some strippers don’t appreciate their pictures being taken for the sake of their privacy.

Now, you are ready to have fun with male strippers at your next bachelorette party.