How to Increase Sales Revenue with Customer Service


There are many techniques to increase your sales revenue and that includes improving your customer service affairs. Customer support is the act of providing assistance to both existing and prospect clients; thus, it’s no wonder why it should be part of any company’s blueprint to success.

No company thrives without amazing customer service. It’s as important as having a product or a service offer. Your product or service may sell, but if you’re providing a horrible customer service experience, then you’re setting your business brand into failure. That’s true—poor execution of end-user assistance pushes back sales revenue miles away.

How to Increase Sales Revenue with Customer Service

Now, let’s find out how to increase sales through customer service.

Minimizing FAQ

Minimizing FAQ

One of the ways for you to increase sales through customer service is minimizing what you answer proactively. We’re not saying you should skip the FAQ altogether since most customers find it a valuable reference whenever they seek answers about a brand’s services or products. However, you should set a limitation and refrain from answering all queries that fall under your FAQs. A personalized email correspondence or private message on a social media platform from your customer service team still works so much better than a boring response from your Frequently Asked Questions. Once you also get to know your customer’s concern on a deeper level, then there’s a stronger likelihood that issues will be resolved quickly since direct communication opens up an opportunity for the customer to provide feedback or report a problem in detail.

Live Chat Support

Outsourcing live chat support services to gradually increase sales revenue provides opportunities for your customers to receive instant assistance. The objective is to bring immediate support so that in turn, it would be easier to pitch in more products or services. Most customers appreciate the instant help that instant messaging provides because it enables real-time communication and it does answer their queries quickly. It also takes them less than a minute to find the chat box on a business website since it would automatically pop up once they navigate through the site’s pages. If you were the customer, wouldn’t you be glad to discover that there is a convenient and accessible way for you to get the help and answers that you need? You can also check since they are among the best live chat services that offer round-the-clock support.

Live Chat Fairies is dedicated to developing and delivering online customer service live chat software that matches your business needs and makes them a dependable live chat service provider. The program for Live Chat Fairies is operated by LOOP (the Live Online Operator Platform). It enables them to introduce bulk messaging systems via IM and SMS or contact your end-users on behalf of your organization via email.

The unique and competent range of services provided by Live Chat Fairies includes versatile and multilingual assistance, allowing your company to provide competitive service globally. Their outsourced chat agents provide the guests and customers with round-the-clock and reliable live chat assistance. Keep your company from losing momentum in competition.

Reducing Customer Effort

Time is essential, and so it would ‘hurt’ your customers if you tend to ask or demand so much from them. Identify which part of the customer product interaction can be done on your end to reduce what the customers have to do themselves. For example, if you want them to update their account, then do the updating on your end. If they want help in troubleshooting a technical issue, then don’t limit your assistance to providing the instructions alone. Whenever possible, set up a screen share and walk them through the process. It may sound too much for you, but it does a lot of wonder for your customers. It can eventually make them feel delighted about your efforts. Once they’re happy, they will potentially patronize what you promote because good customer service increases sales.

Offering Something for Free

Before you raise your eyebrows, think about giving something for free on a random basis as a way for you to gain more paying clients. This method works for both existing and prospect customers. Think of a free e-book and a free credit to their accounts! Don’t think of it as giving too much because according to many studies, when businesses go the extra mile to give little tokens of appreciation, shoppers will usually respond well by patronizing the brand and exhibiting their loyalty. It sends them an idea that you’re not simply after their money, but you’re also after creating a wonderful connection with them. Aside from valuing your audience, you must also empower the support agents working for you by giving them a form of limited freedom on what they can give out to the customers to encourage this kind of setting.

Cross-selling Appropriately

It is possible to combine good customer service in sales. How? An interaction with a client should not only be about assisting them. It should also be an opportunity to acquire sales whenever it’s possible. However, you must keep in mind that in order for you to cross-sell amid a conversation with a customer, you need to be wary of the situation first. Of course, you don’t want to pitch in by promoting a product to an angry customer! The only time it is okay to insert a sales pitch while addressing client needs is after you’ve successfully resolved their concern and provided what they need. Do gauge if they need the product or service you’re selling. If not, then there’s no point offering it to your end-user.

Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Effective customer service de-escalation techniques are paramount in maintaining positive interactions between service representatives and customers. These techniques involve defusing tense situations, calming frustrated customers, and finding resolutions to issues amicably. Customer service de-escalation training is highly beneficial as it equips representatives with the skills needed to handle challenging scenarios with empathy and professionalism. By providing employees with the tools to navigate conflicts, understand customer perspectives, and communicate effectively, de escalation training for employees not only diffuses immediate tensions but also fosters long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. It ensures that service interactions contribute positively to a company’s reputation, customer relationships, and overall success.



You may think that investing in your end-user support service is a waste of money, but statistics don’t lie. The more you disregard establishing high quality client support, the more you are bringing your business down. Prioritize it and you will surely generate favorable results. In fact, one study shows how the increase of customer retention rate by 5% can help you boost your business sales revenue by 25% to 95%. Excellent customer service increases sales. There’s no joke about taking care of end-users because success in business is also all in the numbers. Grow your revenue exponentially by considering the above-mentioned methods.

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