How to Install your Wine Refrigerator


What is a wine refrigerator?

For the storage of bottles of wine, they must be kept at a precise temperature so that you can enjoy them properly. You can not just keep them at room temperature, nor can you store them in your kitchen fridge that is too cold for them. Wine is a delicate drink, and it demands a proper temperature. For that purpose, wine refrigerators are used. So, you can enjoy your wine whenever you want.

Types of wine refrigerator:

There are many types of wine refrigerators depending upon their use:

1. Single zone/dual-zone :

Based on temperature settings, a wine cooler can be a single zone (only one temperature setting) or dual-zone (provides two different temperature settings for different kinds of wines.)

2. Built-in/ stand alone

A wine refrigerator can be either an under the counter built refrigerator that is compact and can easily fit in the areas beneath your kitchen counter. Or it may be a stand-alone fridge which you can place in your TV lounge beside your sofa.

How to install a wine refrigerator?

Let’s discuss some common steps involved in the installation of a wine refrigerator.

1. Select a suitable wine refrigerator for your home

First of all, find the best wine refrigerator for your home, depending upon the capacity, features, and size. If you have to buy a small under-the-counter wine cooler, make sure that it has a vent in the front instead of the rear end. Because the vent is at the back, it would not be able to dispose of heat properly.

2. Choose a suitable place for the refrigerator

After choosing the wine cooler, look for a proper place in your house. The place should be airy and accessible. If the wine cooler is a stand-alone, you can put it in your living room.

3. Look for the source of power

No matter what place you choose, make sure that it is near a power source. You do not want to have a power source quite away from your wine cooler.

4. Assemble your equipment

You do not need any specialized instruments for the installation of your sine cooler. You need the manual that came with the refrigerator. It would have all the information you need. Other than that, keep a plastic sheet nearby so you can keep the refrigerator unit on it. Have a screw diver handy in case the refrigerator needs any handle to be fixed. Have a measuring tape so you can measure the space before trying to fit the refrigerator in the space.

5. Prepare the place for installation

Clean the space properly, place the plastic sheet, and make sure that it’s is completely dry so that mould can not grow there. Check if the power outlet is working properly or not. Look if you need an extension.

6. Wait for a bit

Place the wine cooler on a cleared plain surface. Do not connect it with the outlet right away. You need to wait for at least one to two hours before turning the power source on. After 2 to 3 hours, put your wine bottles inside and turn it on.

7. Enjoy

As soon as you connect the power, the refrigerator will start lowering its temperature until it is perfect. It will take 20 to 30 minutes for your wine to get chilled. After 20 minutes, sit back and enjoy your glass of champagne.

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