How to Kill Maggots in Your Trash Can


Maggots are larvae of fly insects and can often be found in trash cans where food debris has decayed. Flies lay their eggs where there is food availability, creating warm, humid environments suitable for maggot development.

If you are wondering how to kill maggots, there are various methods available to you for getting rid of maggots in your trash can, including boiling water and insecticide. Natural solutions may also work effectively such as bleach, vinegar and diatomaceous earth.


Trash cans filled with decaying food waste provide the ideal breeding grounds for maggots. When female flies encounter such decayed organic material, they lay their eggs, which then hatch into maggots which feed on decaying organic matter before eventually maturing into pupae and then adult flies.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to eliminate maggots from your garbage bags is with vinegar, a natural dehydrator that quickly kills off these vermin while also clearing away their attractants. Simply pour or spray one part vinegar mixed with three parts water onto maggots in your can, wait a few moments, then rinse away.

If vinegar is unavailable, an alternative method that works just as effectively to rid yourself of maggots in your garbage can would be mixing salt and water together in equal parts – this method might seem more ancient but works just as efficiently! Boiling water may also work but may prove challenging when trying to reach all the maggots in a large trash can.


Garbage decomposes quickly in warm, moist environments, attracting flies that lay their eggs on it and become maggots that consume organic waste before becoming pupae before emerging as adult flies. Although maggots appear disgusting, their use in nature is vital: breaking down dead organisms and recycling nutrients back into the soil are integral processes. In fact, they’ve even been used as wound treatments in the past by cleaning away bacteria while helping wounds to heal faster.

There are multiple approaches for killing maggots, from simple home remedies to sophisticated chemical solutions. Boiling water can quickly eliminate maggots because their soft bodies cannot withstand such temperatures; bleach solution should also work, although protective clothing such as goggles and gloves will need to be worn when handling such strong chemicals safely; alternatively you could sprinkle your trashcan with diatomaceous earth mixture or vinegar water as both these solutions are proven maggot killers.


Garbage cans provide ideal breeding environments for maggots due to their rich source of food – from decayed meat and fruits, to vegetables. Furthermore, their foul odor attracts flies which come to lay eggs there.

An equal mixture of water and bleach can be used to quickly disinfect trash cans and kill maggots, effectively killing off maggots while disinfecting the can. Simply mix equal portions of these two ingredients before spraying it around your cans for best results – especially helpful if there’s an animal carcass present! This method has proven especially successful.

If you don’t want to use bleach, or don’t have any on hand, standard bug sprays may work just as effectively. Be sure to only spray in an area with plenty of ventilation; otherwise you risk inhaling any fumes that might escape into your lungs. These kinds of insecticides can also be toxic – always wear a mask when applying any such solutions!

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an economical household solution with many uses; for maggot control in your garbage can it can be sprinkled liberally over maggots to dehydrate their exoskeletons and kill them quickly. As well as serving this function it also works effectively on household pests like ants, fleas and ticks – natural alternatives to chemical pesticides!

If boiling maggots alive is too daunting, try this more hands-on approach instead. Grab a pair of disposable gloves and scoop the maggots into a plastic resealable bag before placing it in the freezer for an hour – this will kill them instantly as well as sanitizing the inside of your trash can.

One quick and effective method for killing maggots in your trash can is mixing equal parts calcium hydroxide (lime) and salt, which suffocates them and prevents future infestations. Hardware stores often sell premixed calcium oxide lime that works just as effectively; cinnamon powder also has been known to effectively kill maggots quickly.

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