How To Make Money With Cut Flowers


As a person in love with flowers, you will always look for a way to have a small garden in your home where you will be planting as many flowers as possible, including cut flowers. During the summertime, you could have something to watch over while enjoying the weather. Though you should ask yourself the reason as to why you are planting cut flowers, is it for your home or selling. In case you want to be selling your cut flowers, you need to know where you are selling them and the profits you will be gaining from selling them.

When you want to do it as a business, you will have to have some skills, and you can take florist classes to learn how to plant and maintain the flowers so that they can blossom very well. We are going to discuss how you can make money using cut flowers;

1. Flash Sale The Flowers On Social Media

Having a flash sale is the easiest way to market your business and allow the world to know about it. Through this, you can get as many clients as possible who will buy flowers from you. Every time you have a chance, you should post pictures of your blossomed cut flowers together with their prices and contacts so that your customer can contact you when they want to purchase cut flowers from you.

You may start a page with your family and some friends first until the hang of the business, then now you can create a business account for everyone to see.

2. Store On Your Webpage

It’s better to sell your cut flowers as a bouquet than one flower, and you need to be very organized so that when you start an online store, clients already know what they will find.  Though owning a webpage is not that easy, you need various skills so that you can run your web page perfectly and so that it could attract multiple clients.  Once you have finished your web page, you will have to pay someone to create your realm name and an HTTPS address.  Once all this has been completed, you should receive and reply to emails from your customers.

3. Subscription

A flower subscription is the amount of water you collect every year from selling a bouquet of blossomed cut flowers. Subscription is a great way to gather up some money to buy more seeds, trays and equipment. Several florists have different subscriptions where some receive money subscriptions, other weekly subscriptions, and others during half seasons. It is up to you to select the subscription that fits you best.

When selecting a subscription, you should ask yourself several questions, such as how will the agreement be? Can your customer skip a week?  And what will happen in case you don’t have any flowers scheduled for that week? After you have come up with valid answers to your questions, you will not have any issues or delays you will always be prepared.

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