How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet & Wood Floor

Heavy furniture is considered as the most important things in your house and we heavily rely on them to have a comfortable life. Moreover, the movables that provide an outstanding look to your lovely dwellings are also the large ones.

But, the problem is that these heavy furnishings are not easy to move on carpet & wood floor if you don’t follow the correct techniques. As a result, many people fail to rearrange furniture settings the way they like.

Do not lose hope yet. In this article, we will serve you with some dynamic tips and tricks about how to move heavy furniture on carpet & wood floor.

Tricks to Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet & Wood Floor Yourself

We all enjoy decorating our home with beautiful furniture. But, many people think that sliding furniture across the wood floor or carpet is a tough task and one should not carry out without the assistance of others. What will you do when you are alone in the home & urgently have to move heavy furniture on carpet by yourself?

Without further delay, we will now discuss some tricks to help you tackle down this kind of unavoidable circumstance.

Use furniture sliders

A furniture slider is a popular option. These sliders are designed very nicely and they come with various size and thickness. Pick the best & heavy-duty furniture sliders to move heavy furniture. The smooth design of these gliders works fantastic on wooden floors. But, it won’t disappoint you on carpets too. These tools can bear the weight and pressure of any kind of huge furniture in your house.

Additionally, these things are very easy to use. All you need to do is to place them under your furniture’s leg by lifting the legs. Make sure that the legs are placed in the centre of each slider. Ensure that the plastic side of the sliders is lying against the carpet or wood floors.

After placing them correctly, now you can easily move the furniture to your desired position by simply pushing them with minimal effort.

Using Vinyl Tile

I believe this is the easiest ways of all. Moreover, this is the cheapest option too. To do this, you just need to get some pieces of vinyl tiles. You can find them in your store-room or borrow from your neighbours. However, you can purchase lots of vinyl tiles spending less amount of money as they are very cheap to purchase.

Just you need to slip these tiles under the corners or legs of your heavy furniture. So, gently lift the sides or legs of the furniture and insert the tiles and you are done.

Now, you can easily move heavy furniture on wood floor with ease and don’t forget to take out these tiles after you have finished placing your movables.

Use Homemade Sliders

Homemade sliders can help you solve this issue. You can easily craft homemade gliders following some easily executable process. The good news is that you can make these sliders using unused household materials.

To make a slider you can use an unused plastic bowl and foam. Just place the foam inside the sliced piece of the bowl and attach them with an all-purpose adhesive. Make sure that the outer side of the plastic bowl is smooth enough to slide on the wooden floor without putting any scratch.

You can use these homemade gliders as many times as you needed until they are damaged or decayed. Additionally, for movables that have small legs, you can use a container lid or aluminium foil as a slider over the carpets or wood floor.


  1. Don’t provide an excessive amount of force to move your furniture. It can cause a great deal of damage to your furniture or wooden floor.
  2. Make sure that your home surface is even and smooth. If not, fix the surface first then start moving the movables using any of the above-mentioned tricks.
  3. Don’t use damaged or low-quality sliders to avoid any unwanted situations or risks.
  4. Keep your carpet dirt free and clean to perform a smooth shifting.
  5. Take out the gliders and put back the furniture grippers under your furniture’s leg after finishing your shifting process.


Sliding big and heavy furniture on carpets or wood floors has become simpler than ever. In this article, I have tried my best to provide you with some valuable information about how to move heavy furniture on carpet & wood floor.

Moreover, you can now move weighty furniture back and forth anytime using any of these convenient ways. If you face any difficulty following any of the above-mentioned techniques, feel free to share the problem with us. We will try to find out the solution for you.