How to organize concerts in the new normal


After the introduction of Covid-19 to the world, nothing has been the same. Even though vaccines were developed and were effective for the previous variants of coronavirus, they quickly became obsolete as new variants started showing up. Currently, scientists and biologists are working towards developing an antidote that will hopefully be able to combat these new variants. However, right now, people are trying to get used to the new normal like wearing masks whenever they go outside, carrying their vaccination cards with them, and maintaining a social distance in queues or workplaces.

The pandemic has put the music industries and music lovers around the world in a pickle. With everyone trying desperately to adjust to the new normal, one question still remains, where do concerts fit into this new world? If you are an event planner, this is one question that has constantly been plaguing you and might even be a source for your nightmares. If you are wondering how you can organize concerts in the current conditions, don’t fret! Keep reading, and you will get your answer.

1. Live Streaming of Concerts

We have all grown accustomed to working and/or studying from home. While many aspects of our life came to a standstill in the initial days of the pandemic, we found ways to keep moving forward, albeit taking great pains to maintain a safe environment. We can use the same initiative and mindset to revive concerts. To get started, you will have to consult the top artist booking agency to find artists willing to perform in concerts via a live stream. Hundreds of artists have used their social networking platforms to offer live performances to their fans, so implementing the same idea to conduct concerts can be a viable solution that will save a lot of hassle (and lives!). To sum it up, a band or an artist can perform in a concert hall or studio, while whoever bought the tickets can watch the show on their screens from the safety of their homes, of course for a reduced price.

2. Drive-In Concerts

Another great idea for conducting a concert in the new normal by letting go of the conventionality is drive-in concerts. The success of drive-in cinemas during the pandemic has lead to the possibility of drive-in concerts. Think about it, if you can watch a movie on a large screen from within your car, then why not a live concert? We get it; it won’t be as exciting as standing up and dancing to your favorite songs but trust us, it’ll be worth it. This will ensure that the people attending the concert are at a safe distance from each other, so no one catches the virus.

3. Acoustic Touring

Acoustic tours are a great way to reduce the risk and costs. Since fewer musicians (bands or solos) can travel, there is a reduced risk of the virus spreading. Also, all artists are required to be fully vaccinated and wear masks while touring. Another reason for the viability of this solution is that less tech gear is needed for acoustic tours, which means minimum staff is necessary to help artists with their makeup, clothes, etc. This translates into lower production costs and fewer chances of catching the virus. Lower costs also are great news for attendants who won’t have to pay huge amounts as they did for massive concerts in the past.

4. Venue Selection

Now we all know that concerts either take place indoor or outdoor. However, thanks to the pandemic, the option of indoor concerts went flying out the window. You must be thinking, finding an outdoor venue won’t be that hard of a task, right? Wrong! You might have arranged concerts under an open sky in the past, but now there are many additional factors you need to consider. Venues with limited spaces are not something you can work with anymore because of social distancing. Either you will have to limit the number of people to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters or hold the concert knowing there is a risk of it being shut down at any time due to attendees not following protocols. Furthermore, if coronavirus spreads through the audience due to your oversight, you will have to live with that on your conscience. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to hold an outdoor concert in a large field or open space, so people have enough room to stand comfortably without risking their lives. In order for this idea to work, you would need a more practical and coordinated plan and would have to involve the town’s council to rent out a public space for a couple of hours. However, things can still take a bleak turn because organizing a concert in an open area would make security an issue and make it harder for you to limit the number of attendees.

5. Designated Seating

As stated before, a social distance of 1.5 meters should and must be maintained at all costs. This point alone affects the concert’s new normality. Therefore, it is necessary to have a limited seating arrangement worked out and only a number of tickets to be sold with seat numbers mentioned. Each person should have a chair firmly bolted to the ground so it cannot be moved. Maybe consider renting out a stadium.

While many people might not like the idea of being seated throughout the concert and may even consider this a sacrilege as they may feel that the essence of attending a concert is lost. However, this can easily be remedied. You can designate areas for each person where they can choose to remain seated, stand, dance, move and cheer to their heart’s content.

6. Precautionary Measures

These days it is pretty common to see disinfectant tunnels in various places like the entrance of supermarkets, hospitals, and even airports. When passing through them, they spray a disinfectant solution on the person and purifies their clothes and exposed skin from any kind of germs that they might be carrying. The problem with this is that although it will help get rid of germs on the outside, what about the germs that the person might be carrying inside? We know that not everyone is affected by this virus as badly as the rest, so the possibility of someone entering the area while being a carrier, cannot be ignored. However, if we take the required safety measures like only allowing people inside the venue who are wearing a mask, then the possibility of the virus spreading will be reduced, especially if they pass through the disinfectant tunnel. Another thing you can do is allow only vaccinated people inside the venue, so make sure to mention that all attendees need to bring their vaccination cards to the venue when they are purchasing the tickets.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that coronavirus has really changed our lifestyle. Even though it’s been some time since the global pandemic started, we’re still getting used to the new normal. It is quite sad to think that the liberties we once had are not something we can enjoy anymore, but fret not, for we are still adapting to these changes and thriving. Our primary concern now is to get rid of this virus while still living our lives to the fullest. So organize or attend as many concerts as you want; just make sure to follow all the guidelines and maintain the recommended distance.

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