How to pick your car audio amplifiers?

Car Audio Amplifiers are, without a doubt, the way to turn up the volume in your ride. Choosing your car audio can be a challenge for most. So this article will cover how to pick a car audio amplifier, and where to buy a car audio amplifier.

Let us begin, So what is your goal, is it more bass, more vocals? Once you have decided next is to figure out your budget. Be honest with yourself as this is critical, and you cant get something for nothing.

Next, we need to find out if your year make and model. Is this a factory replacement or custom fabricated upgrade. Now we have to see what the speakers can handle. Your Gonna need to also look at DB Sensitivity, this is usually 88 DB Senti – 103DB Sensitivity. The higher the number, the less power it will take to get the speaker moving. Less it is, the more energy the speaker driver will need.

We Suggest when Choosing your amplifier, be right on the rated RMS power is 3% below it.

Understand there is no such thing as a peak power rating.

Ok, once we get that sorted out, now we need to pick the car audio amplifier. We need to decide what amp we will need and how many you want to run. There are two different kinds of technologies massively available, Class A/B and Class D. For Time Sake. You’re going to pick Class D, aka the Digital Class. Once that is out the way, now let’s pick out how man amplifier you want to operate. The Average Joe runs anywhere from one to 2 speakers. The Enthusiast runs multiple. We would suggest if your budget allows it, run 3, one for mids, one for highs, and one for bass. Having 3 Amplifiers provides for more control over your system. Please note this means more wire, RCA cables, and more time.

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